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American Original: Classic Bally Game with Big Bonus Potential

American Original by Bally logo
Written by Joshua

A game like American Original normally doesn’t draw me in, but for whatever reason when I see the game in a casino it tends to get decent action. A few years ago I gave it a go for the first time and began to understand why.

American Originals 500x win

The first time I ever played the game I got a $500 win on a $1 bet, a remarkable outcome. And the most recent time I played it I got a 100 spin bonus.

And really it’s the potential in the bonuses that makes this game interesting – 50 games at 2x is something I’ve won in the free games before as well; it actually seems like the bonus is full of potential if you can get the right wheel options. The mystery awards a prize and a respin, if you manage to get it.

Of course, that doesn’t make the bonus particularly easy to get, although given my luck getting it I don’t think it’s that impossible either.

American Original by Bally 100 spin bonus outcome

And even if you do get the 100 spins, for instance, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be massive – here’s what the outcome of my 100 spin bonus recently yielded – more than 60x, certainly respectable, but given 100 spins felt a bit light to me.

That said, the game is simple, fun, and has plenty of potential! And the game was popular enough that it still sticks around casino floors, and a sequel (American Original Gold) more recently surfaced from Scientific Games, along with a remake of the original.

Watch and Learn

Here’s a recent video from RandomSlots, which includes the pay table:

Here’s TheBigPayback with a 50 free spins bonus:

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