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Ultra Rush Gold Mythical Phoenix: Gold Symbols Up the Hold and Spin Chances

Ultra Rush Gold by Incredible Technologies
Written by Joshua

I rarely write about Incredible Technologies games – for whatever reason they all feel a bit same-y to me. But I did have multiple sessions on Ultra Rush Gold during my recent cruise, one of their games with their version of a Hold and Spin bonus. The version I played had a Tiger and Phoenix set of themes; there are others that work a bit differently, so this is focused on those themes.

The game is in 50 credit betting increments; the progressives are the same across the bet levels in a denomination, so your chances of winning the prizes/progressives are higher with a bigger bet. They are awarded through a wheel feature, also available through the Hold and Spin.

Like most games that use this model, six Cash on Reels and/or Wheel symbols will get you the bonus. The wrinkle is some of these symbols are gold.

When they land and are gold, they stick around for three more spins, unless you get another gold symbol, which resets the counter, the animal resets your counter, or you get enough symbols to trigger the Hold and Spin (in which all gold symbols unlock after that feature).

The game helpfully shows you on the bet panel which bet levels have any gold symbols held, so you can start ahead of the count when symbols are left behind. That said, gold symbols don’t guarantee a bonus, so it’s a swing at a chance for an easier bonus to land.

Ultra Rush Gold by Incredible Technologies hold and spin outcome

The Hold and Spin itself works like any other – collect a number/wheel within three spins. Here, too, the animal atop the game can choose to reset the counter and give you an additional three spins. One wrinkle in this bonus itself is a bonus prize if you fill the board up.

When you get the Wheel in the Hold and Spin, each one will spin for the four prizes, either a progressive or a bonus prize. I’ve seen instances where the wheel will be upgraded from where it lands, so that’s also possible.

As you can see by the prizes in my hold and spin, there’s definitely money to be found in there, which really opens up the potential, not always a great possibility on IT games, and I saw it happen a couple of times on that $1.50 bet.

The game also features a free spins bonus, which carries the gold symbols that are already locked into and out of the bonus, making a bonus in the bonus possible. The bonus symbols are on reels 1, 3 and 5.

The game features stacked symbols in both the base game and bonus, which can provide some solid wins while working towards a feature or bonus. Overall it’s a fun game with some pretty good potential.

Ultra Rush Gold Slot Videos

TheBigPayback played it at a higher denomination in this video, showing off all the features:

Slotaholic played it in this video:

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