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Bally’s Atlantic City Launches New Rewards Program in 2021… Again

Bally's Atlantic City
Written by Joshua

Lots of change has been happening at Bally’s Atlantic City in the last year, with more on the way, such as renovated hotel rooms. The new ownership, which also has adopted the Bally’s name, moves as the company has rapidly expanded through acquisitions over the past few years.

Among the changes earlier his year was a new players card program, but it was said at the time that it was expected that this would serve as an interim program, and indeed that’s exactly what was the case.

Bally Rewards launch

A reader tipped me off that Bally’s is now touting a new rewards program, Bally Rewards, which replaced the original one, and has officially launched. The first cycle will last a bit over 14 months, from launch through December 31, 2022. The tier year will revert to a calendar year one after that.

Bally's new tier info

Lots of accommodations are made for players. For instance, if you were more than half way to the next tier in the old program, they’ve got you covered now and will upgrade you to the equivalent level in the new program.

If you paid a visit since the new cards rolled out and earned at least 1,000 points, you will automatically be upgraded. And of course if you earn it naturally, you’ll also get upgraded, and keep your status through December 31, 2023.

It also seems the Bally Bucks in this program, as they call them, will remain similar to the previous Caesars structure in giving 2:1 value on free play and 1:1 value on food or merchandise.

It remains to be seen what happens after the first cycle, as many casinos working through various teething issues, such as Ocean Casino Resort, have taken a number of swings in updating their comp program. Hard Rock Casino has too, albeit at a less comprehensive level.

It’s understood that this is part of a rollout of a national rewards program for Bally’s properties as they rebrand and begin to unify under a singular system. There are only a handful of companies who have built a national rewards program, but Bally’s the company is well positioned to do just that.

UPDATE 11/5/21: Reader Viva Las Value on Twitter noted that this program previously was rolled out at the Bally Black Hawk locations (which have also been rebranded), so this does indeed appear to be the national rollout beginning to take shape.

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