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Using Comps in Las Vegas: Finding a Restaurant

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Written by Joshua

When staying in Las Vegas, naturally many are also interested in getting some good meals in. And when it come to Mlife Rewards in particular, if you’re booking an offer for a room in Las Vegas it many times comes with some sort of resort credit as well.

Resort credits are somewhat limited in that they can’t be used in gift shops, or shopping at all really, but can be used for food comps and experiences (such as the roller coaster). But, as with many casinos, not every restaurant will take them, so having such lists are helpful.

So let’s look at how each makes this information available. We’ll be focusing on the resort credit/comp dollars scenarios, but I’ll hit upon a couple of others along the way.

Mlife Rewards Resort Credit

For those who are looking for a quick scannable list by property, Mlife has this text-based list organized by each of their resorts for Las Vegas. This can be really helpful for quickly scanning what is available for use at a property.

When you want to browse for something a bit more specific, such as overall cost, type of cuisine or meal of the day (such as breakfast or dinner) Mlife also maintains a searchable list that gives you a much more tech-driven ability to search. Their filters imply you can search regional properties also, but when I tested MGM Springfield and Borgata, neither yielded any results, but hopefully this will be resolved in future updates.

The Mlife app keeps a running tally in real time when you’re staying at their properties, which I used extensively during my recent Las Vegas trip. When I ate at a place that took my resort credit, the app wouldn’t even show the charge unless I charged tip to the room (tips are not covered by resort credit) or exceeded my value.

So it’s a great way to confirm all went through as expected, as you’ll not see your room bill impacted by the food and beverage charges.

Caesars Rewards Rewards Credits

I’ve never received an offer from Caesars Rewards that specifically offered a resort credit; in Atlantic City I’m given offers of Rewards Credits as an option, and since buffets closed post COVID I’ve seen instead a separate rewards credits offer each month in place of a buffet voucher or so on to eat.

They, too, have an online database with the various outlets that accept rewards credits. Theirs goes a bit further, including their other regional properties, but also including other options such as hotels and shopping (Rewards Credits can be used for shopping on the Caesars side).

Their list will show you where you can not only redeem, but also earn, rewards credits. Most importantly, asterisks next to some options will indicate when the comp value is less than 100:$1 ratio (such as 150 or 200 for $1), so you can also confirm if the ratio is acceptable for you.

The list seems decently up to date, as some restaurant closures that have happened this fall appear reflected in the list.

Caesars Rewards Celebration Dinner

One perk of being Caesars Diamond level is the $100 celebration dinner, awarded once annually. They used to post a PDF with the restaurants that accepted this special credit (which has to be used in one shot), but the list would get out of date quickly as restaurants opened and closed, especially as the pandemic accelerated such things.

The new page in the Caesars Rewards support site has downloadable PDFs, but they now have QR codes, presumably to make it easier to update the list once vs. posting it everywhere. They have the ability to check for Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City as of this posting.

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