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Caesars 5x Tier Credit Back for 2-3 Days at Christmas

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Caesars Rewards has given players a number of opportunities to maintain or build their tier in 2020 given the challenges of casino closings, and have let people keep their tier an extra year in case getting back to the casino in 2020 wasn’t possible.

For those who are pursuing a higher tier, however, there’s one last chance to pick up a 5x multiplier basically company wide, and that opportunity comes between December 24-25 (ending at 6 a.m. PT on the 26th), when a 5x multiplier is active at Caesars properties throughout the country. The multiplier is also active at pre-merger Eldorado properties, which further opens the doors to places to earn the credits.

UPDATE: It appears certain markets are advertising it as a three day event, with it running through midnight of the 26th, while the national offer is for two days and ending at 6 a.m. PT on the 26th. As such, it may make sense to check your local offer for how it’s structured.

If you have never earned Diamond before, earning 2,500 tier credits in one day during the promotion is enough for Diamond in a Day, thanks to both the multiplier and the standard daily tier credit bonus:

  • 2,500 base tier credits earned
  • 5,000 bonus tier credits from the daily tier credit bonus
  • 10,000 bonus tier credits to get to 5x for the promotion
  • Total: 17,500 tier credits (12,000 tier credits are all that’s needed to get Diamond in 2020

In fact, if you earn 3,000 tier credits in a day, with the bonuses, you’ll achieve 20,000 tier credits, good for Diamond Plus, which is free lounge access. Plus you’ll get four nights in AC or Vegas if you act quickly to use them, as they expire January 31.

You have to opt in for the tier credit multiplier when an email is sent out, or activated at the kiosks, so don’t forget to do one of those before playing if you plan on taking advantage of the promotion.

Also, unlike many of the other multipliers running as of late, this does not multiply any reward credits.

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