Aria Las Vegas: Georgeous, Modern, Huge Casino

Aria Las Vegas holiday display
Written by Joshua

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Aria Las Vegas is the newest ground-up casino to open in MGM’s Las Vegas group of properties, and was focused on a higher-end experience to balance out many of their more budget options like Luxor. Its size on its own makes it a pretty prominent destination; the fact that it opened as part of the massive CityCenter made it even more special at the time.

More than a decade later, it retains its reputation as a higher-end property, and as part of Mlife Rewards a popular destination. Let’s take a look at the casino and what it has to offer.

Casino Floor

Aria’s casino floor is sizable, with a sprawling floor with about 2,000 machines, and a sizable footprint for table games. The slot games range broadly in denomination and age, with machines that go back a decade and the casino’s opening up to the most current and up to date.

Aria’s mix is quite impressive, thanks to the space available, and there’s a significant high denomination slots area as well as a strong selection of high denomination slots, mostly mechanical reel, on the main gaming floor as well largely in the $1 and $5 denomination range.

Video Poker has the standard pay tables for MGM, which is to say not great, but Aria does have a strong selection of Video Poker variations to choose from and if you’re a higher denomination player there are some pay tables that aren’t awful. Just don’t expect miracles.

On the tables side there are quite a few tables out there, and the table minimums range quite a bit. I was able to get on a $10 craps table there during the day but I also saw $25 in play, so my expectation would be to expect variation depending on how busy and what time of day it is.

Hotel Rooms

Aria’s rooms have not seen a refresh since opening, but the modern decor and high-end feel still holds up. Similar to other modern Las Vegas properties like Wynn, one touch buttons can control all the lights in a room for easy wake-up/go to bed scenarios.

A base room is a spacious 520 square feet, so even the most basic Aria room is going to be quite roomy and enjoyable.

Comp Program

Aria is part of Mlife Rewards, and as one of 10 Mlife properties in Las Vegas, there’s plenty of places to play if you stay at Aria and want to keep it in house. Points, which can function as comps or free play, can be accrued faster than their largest competitor Caesars Rewards.

You can also accrue Express Comps, which are additional comps, although they’ve watered down how fast you earn them in the past year or so.

One challenge on the Aria floor is a lot of machines are designated specialty slots, so you earn points and tier credits slower on them. But on the flip side, you still earn tier credits faster in Las Vegas than you do outside Las Vegas, even when factoring in specialty slots.


During more normal times one of my favorite things to do is to get an all-day wristband to the Aria buffet, which you can buy during quiet times during breakfast and then line cut all day to get more food when hungry. An all day wristband during the week is $60, which for three meals works out to $20 per meal for what is one of the better buffets on the strip.

Aria has a second floor where a number of restaurant options are arranged, along with additional options on the first floor, ensuring a good variety of choices to take advantage of while visiting.

Despite being a higher-end property, the balance between more affordable and more expensive options is pretty well maintained. There are a lot of simpler, less costly options for those who aren’t looking for anything fancy, but like any resort nowadays there’s more formal options as well.

Other Thoughts

The artwork throughout the property is pretty cool, and when it gets decorated for the holidays it’s pretty spiffy.

There is a monorail that connects Aria, Park MGM and Bellagio to some degree, although you can easily walk to Park MGM directly from Aria. Aria is also connected to the Crystals Shops directly in front of it, for those looking for more shopping options than the limited amount found directly at Aria.

Book Now

You can book rooms at the Aria Las Vegas through, which offers a Best Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price while booking or within 24 hours, contact them and they’ll match it! routinely runs promotions on hotel rooms as well, making them a good place to check.

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