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Caesars Rewards Changes Due to COVID-19 for 2020

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

While Caesars Rewards has been talking about changes to its tier year and program coming for awhile on its website, details until recently had been scant, while competitors like Mlife announced their changes. This could be because the company is in the midst of being acquired, and any promises they make would have to be upheld by Eldorado after the merger.

Over the previous weekend multiple players have cited information from hosts, and the excellent Seven Stars Insider website has published these details, and that was followed by an official email from the company coming out the evening of Tuesday, May 5.

As such, we’re happy to share the upcoming changes to Caesars Rewards as a result of the Coronavirus closures.

Tier Status Extension

The first one is pretty straightforward: Players who have status today can enjoy them until January 31, 2022. This is in line with Mlife and seems to offer parity. Since many players were concerned that maintaining their tier might not be possible in 2020, having an extra year with their existing status seems like the right way to go.

Reduced Tier Earnings Requirements

Tier earnings requirements to earn status have changed as well. This appears to be designed to make up for casino closures and allow players a chance to earn a tier for 2021:

  • Platinum: 4,000 tier credits (normally 5,000)
  • Diamond: 12,000 tier credits (normally 15,000)
  • Diamond Plus: 20,000 tier credits (normally 25,000)
  • Diamond Elite: 60,000 tier credits (normally 75,000)
  • Seven Stars: 125,000 tier credits (normally 150,000)

The reductions for all but Seven Stars is about 20 percent; given how long casinos have been closed or are expected to close, that seems about right for now, but extended closures could impact this.

It does not appear, like Mlife, that you get an extended window to earn, since their calendar year cycles remain the same. However, if you miss in 2020, you’ll get a pass, and keep your status in 2021. If you earn it in 2020, you enjoy it through 2021, as per normal. And presumably in 2021, it goes back to normal, or whatever Eldorado decides it will be at that point.

Reward Credit Expiration Extended

Right now, the earliest Rewards Credits due to expire will expire is September 30, 2020. Normally Rewards Credits have a six month expiration, but those expirations can be extended easily. Still, it’s a nice benefit to have them extended.

5x Multiplier Month Coming

While the details of this will no doubt be ultimately related to the timing of casinos reopening, expect a 5x Tier Credit and 5x Rewards Credit multiplier window of a month or so to herald the return of the casinos. So you’ll be able to not only make up ground on both balances, but also have the chance to earn a tier more easily. This should satisfy players who are concerned about this.

The official announcement will likely fill in a number of questions that many players might have, everything from tier match status to when certain things will be visible on dashboards (some players have already noted a 2022 status showing). Stay tuned!

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  • I am a Diamond Plus player with Caesars. I thought my tier would be extended through 2021 as per email received. But now am told by my host I still have to earn the 20,000 tier credits to keep this tier in 2021. What? This makes no sense to me. Could you explain?

    • Your host is incorrect. Caesars is giving a pass if you earned the tier in 2019 and aren’t able to make it in 2020. However, certain perks will not be available both years unless you renew. For instance, the Diamond Celebration Dinner is only available for both 2020 and 2021 if you earn the tier both times; otherwise you get to choose if you use it in 2020 or 2021. Other perks, like the waived resort fees, will be available throughout the duration.

      Given Caesars went through the trouble of emailing everyone with various promises around the closures because of COVID-19, they’re going to honor them. And if you need any written confirmation, once you log in to the Caesars site, you’ll see this message in a yellow box on the top:

      “We are extending 2020 Tier Status and benefits through January 31, 2022 and making status easier to earn for 2021.”

      The 2022 is your reaffirmation that 2021 is all set, although you can certainly renew it (at a lower point target) should you choose to. Hope this helps!

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