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Caesars Appears to Backtrack on 2022 Wyndham Tier Match Changes, At Least for Some

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Caesars as a company tends to move at a glacial place. Back in February, the standard Wyndham Merry Go Round steps were available as normal, but unusually it was taking players like myself weeks without any notifications before seeing an update.

Around the same time many players saw their status match go through, an update was made to the Caesars Rewards website where you go to match stating that if you hadn’t earned your status from Wyndham normally, vs. a match from Caesars or some other source, you would not be eligible to match to Caesars Rewards.

A few days later, many players (but not all) saw their status matches revoked. I was one of them. (In a weird loophole, I had status matched from Caesars Rewards proper to Tropicana Laughlin, which is still running on a separate system. They only revoked my main status at Caesars Rewards, so I was able to match back from Laughlin to Caesars Rewards.)

It’s now mid-April, and I guess enough people complained about the order of events, because Caesars Rewards has opted to reverse course, at least for some in 2022, and honor the status matches previously processed. In an email, they said:

After re-reviewing your original Tier match request and your account, we are postponing enforcement of the exclusion described above for your account until our next program year. We have upgraded your Tier Status to the level it was before the downgrade, and this Tier will remain in place until January 31, 2023.

The wording indicates this may not be a global thing, and they decided to grant certain accounts their status back, but not all were revoked to begin with either. But now at least some will get Diamond back for another year, giving players time to earn it outright.

One of the easiest ways is to do Diamond in a Day (or two), or take advantage of some of the tier credit multipliers offered throughout the year.

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  • I was a seven star, just got demoted to platinum. I am a diamond with Wyndham. To clarify, because I’m confused. Caesars will match the Wyndham diamond status now?

    • For many years Wyndham and Caesars have offered a tier match. Under new rules that just kicked in, you can match from Wyndham to Caesars if your Wyndham status was earned naturally (as in, not tier matched to Wyndham from some other program).

      Because of the way they rolled out this change, very late compared to when they opened 2022 tier matching, those who tier matched from Caesars to Wyndham and back to Caesars, which used to be allowed, are being given the tier match one last time in 2022, but only if they matched before the language on the site was updated. Anyone new who tries to match from Wyndham to Caesars, but did not earn their Wyndham tier outright, will be denied a tier match.

      So, if your Wyndham Diamond was earned through stays at Wyndham, you can match to Caesars and get Diamond status for 2022. However, if you matched to Wyndham while Seven Stars, they will not let you match back at this point – that has been officially discontinued.

      • I tried to match Wyndham because I was a 7 star but because of all the issues getting to LV with covid I didn’t even make diamond. My wyndham diamond stayed the same for about 2 yeas, I assume because of the virus, grandfathered. For the first time I use that wyndham match and they didn’t send me to a rejection page or email me. I emailed them and they didn’t respond to me that way either. Kinda left me hanging for months so I used MGM which I have gold and resort fees are now waved. It would have been nice to know what the issue was without all the investigating. My God, I was a 7 Star, give me some kind of respect Caesars.

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