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The Caesars Tier Match Merry-Go-Round: Act Now

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

As many know, the Caesars Rewards program, like many casino programs, has a lot of helpful perks, and there’s cash value to some of them, especially when you get to the Diamond level and earn perks such as the $100 Celebration dinner and the waived resort fees, which alone could be more than $30 or $40 a day, depending on the property.

For those who tier matched to Caesars Diamond during their 2019 program, you might find that you came up short on the renewal. Or perhaps you earned Diamond in 2018 outright, but came up short in 2019 to keep it for another year.

In a weird calendar quirk, Caesars lets you keep your tier through January 31, a couple of days away as this goes live. But you can keep your Diamond tier through a simple act of tier matching.

Wyndham Rewards has a partnership with Caesars, and they let you tier match Caesars Diamond or Seven Stars to Wyndham Diamond. This is an unrestricted match, unlike many of their other tier match programs, without a stay requirement to keep it or tier match out, and the match is valid through December 31, 2020. So you can tier match from Caesars to Wyndham if you act quickly.

Then, on February 1, you can reverse the process and tier match from Wyndham BACK to Caesars. That will initiate a new cycle for Caesars at Diamond, which you can keep through January 31, 2021. (Worried this won’t happen this year? The status match for Wyndham and Caesars list no expiration dates and remain live on the site.)

Some players have successfully used this cycle to keep their status when times are leaner, and then, since having status with both companies allows for all sorts of other tier matching opportunities, they can then match out to others as needed.

So, if you are about to lose Caesars Diamond, act now to start the process if it’s still January. Then, reverse the process next week, and enjoy your Diamond status for another year.

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    • Hi Mike! It looks I linked to the wrong page, but you’ve got a good eye. The Caesars Tier Match for 2020 does appear to have revised the rules to only be for new members only. I’ll have a post on that coming up, once the page is fully live (there’s some weird direct things happening blocking the full rules). In the meantime, I will edit this one to fix the link to the Wyndham tier match, which is still active right now.

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