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Caesars-Eldorado Merger Progress Report: Atlantic City Update (Tropicana)

Written by Joshua

In my last merger update, I shared how the new Caesars had already set up the ability to link and tier match between Eldorado and Caesars properties. Progress continues to be made, based on my latest visit to Atlantic City.

Tropicana Atlantic City is one of the properties that has rolled out Caesars Rewards Local, an interim step as they continue to combine all the systems. When you visit the Players Club desk, they’ll give you a card with your correct Caesars Rewards tier, but with your old Tropicana card number on it. You’ll need to be careful, as the local card only works at Tropicana, and your normal Caesars Rewards card works at the other Caesars properties.

You can move comps from one system to the other on the card system inside the casino, not just on the Caesars website, as well as on the kiosks within Tropicana. That’s quite convenient if you want to use your comps at Tropicana, since the systems have not been completely merged yet.

The system was giving me the $1 in comps based on the Caesars Reward points earning scenarios, not the old Tropicana one. If I was midway through a dollar it didn’t increment until a full dollar was earned, although I would anticipate it would give you the fractional dollar at the end of the gaming day (I used my comps up before leaving AC so I didn’t pay that close attention).

In my case I wasn’t able to link my accounts before arriving because Tropicana stubbornly didn’t update my address despite two previous booth visits after moving. They were able to clear it all up when I visited the property, and automatically linked me at the players club booth. The link then showed up online when I logged on after getting home.

My Tropicana account shows a couple hundred tier credits earned during that visit; less clear is if those have been transferred to my Caesars Rewards account already; I was earning bonuses and other such numbers as I went, so I just wasn’t paying close enough attention to see if those moved over also.

The Caesars Rewards website shows Caesars Rewards Local activated for many of the Eldorado properties; they seem to have tackled the larger systems first and are moving their way down. Tropicana employees told me and friends that they’re aiming to be fully shifted over to Caesars Rewards going into 2021, which would make sense to try to be ready in time for the new tier year. That’d also be a pretty quick turnaround, given the number of casinos involved, so hopefully they can make that happen.

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