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Caesars Rewards Promotions to Know

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Caesars Rewards is running a number of promotions right now that if you’re looking to build to a new status, it’s worth knowing right about know. These are above and beyond the Play for Rewards program I recently wrote about, along with the ongoing Diamond tier match that continues through the end of the year.

In each case there’s an activation step to be taken, so don’t miss out on that or you’ll lose out on the promotion’s benefits.

October 2x Tier Credit Promotion

For the month of October, if you register to receive the promotion, you’ll earn twice as many tier credits as you normally would. The bonus tier credits are added at the end of November, according to the information on the page. This looks to be a national offer (Windsor is the key exclusion), so you get the ability to earn the bonus TCs, regardless of Caesars Rewards location.

For those trying to tier up, this only applies to base points, not bonuses like the daily bonus, but if you earn 1,000 TCs in a gaming day, you would not only get the 1,000 standard bonus, but 1,000 more! So you get three for the price of one in that example. You can earn up to 25,000 tier credits from this promotion. The multiplier is available for any gambling TCs earned, along with dining and shop spending.

Atlantic City: 5x Opportunities

Atlantic City is running some pretty nice multiplier opportunities. They’re offering 5x tier credit multipliers on Mondays, up to 5,000 tier credits per gaming day (which cannot be combined with the 2x above; higher multiplier wins). They’re also offering 5x Rewards Credits multipliers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (you pick one per week), up to 10,000 per gaming day. For those players who visit AC, this is a good time to take advantage of the opportunity to earn not only some additional tier credits, but some Rewards Credits as well. These bonuses will appear in your account faster, within 10 days.

For the AC offers you must activate on the kiosk during the valid windows. If you don’t, you won’t qualify. So don’t forget that step before getting started. Details about the multipliers can be found on Caesars’ website.

If you were to earn 1,000 tier credits in this scenario, you’d get the standard, 1,000 TC bonus for the daily bonus, along with 4,000 additional from the multiplier, a total of 6,000 – this could make getting to Diamond quite easy for many players.

Play Now, Earn for 2020

Caesars commonly runs a fourth quarter promotion, Earn For Next Year, where earned Tier Credits for the fourth quarter generate a bonus to kick off the following year, and this is no exception. Once you’ve registered on their site, for every 500 tier credits you earn during the fourth quarter, you earn 100 tier credits for 2020.

The earnings maxes out at 20,000 tier credits, which would require 100,000 tier credits earned in 2019. But even if you just get a few hundred, it gets you going for the new year.

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