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Caesars Rewards Relaunches Visa Card with Bread Financial

Caesars Rewards credit card
Written by Joshua

Earlier this year changes were announced to the Caesars Rewards credit card, which for the first time offered a way to earn tier credits towards your casino tier.

Now, additional changes have been announced, with Caesars partnering with Bread Financial to relaunch the card. And with the relaunch, comes stronger perks for first time card holders.

If you sign up for the card and are a new cardholder, the following perks are available:

  • 2,500 Tier Credits and a Platinum status upgrade upon card activation with first purchase outside of a Caesars Rewards destination;
  • 10,000 Reward Credits and 2,500 Tier Credits with $1,000 spent within the first 90 days outside of a Caesars Rewards destination; and
  • 5,000 Tier Credits with a $5,000 annual spend and more.

Platinum status upgrade is granted each year on the card with $5,000 annual spend after the first year, and grants 5,000 tier credits as well on that annual spend (which is what it takes to earn Platinum). So that appears to have carried over.

The card didn’t give tier credits in its previous form, so to go from 0 to 5,000 to 10,000 for new cardholders is a pretty big deal – that’s 2/3 of the way to Diamond, which yields a number of perks, such as waived resort fees and a $100 celebration dinner.

Because these are considered earned tier credits, they should count towards what is needed for existing players to renew their tier and get the perks that come with earned status.

For those who already successfully make Diamond on their own each year, it may help to get to Diamond Plus and free Laurel Lounge access in markets where they continue to operate, such as Atlantic City.

If you have been holding out because the card didn’t particularly offer enough perks, it may be the right time to take another look – they seem to be upping their game at a competitive time in the casino ecosystem.

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