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Caesars Tier Match, 2021 Edition: More of the Same

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Many wondered what would happen to the long-running Caesars Rewards tier match once the merger with Eldorado was complete. In 2020, a critical rule change was introduced that limited the tier match only to new players.

They generally hold off announcing the new year’s match until February, and this year was no exception. The general gist is that overall it’s the same program as last year, just modified to reflect the Eldorado properties, many of which still haven’t been fully combined with the rest of the Caesars Rewards pre-merger properties.

The Caesars Rewards website lists the various casino cards they’re willing to match, so if you’re going to be a new member you can see which cards are eligible for a tier match.

The link to the hurdles you must clear to maintain Diamond for 2022 doesn’t work as of this writing, but traditionally it is proportional to the percentage of the year you have left. So if you match in July, you’d have to earn half as many points, or 7,500, to maintain Diamond for the following year.

For those who are existing Caesars Rewards members, the Wyndham loophole still works – if you have previously tier matched to Wyndham, you can tier match back to Caesars Rewards. For 2021, Wyndham extended 2020 tiers so you didn’t have to tier match them in January to maintain Wyndham Diamond, so all that’s needed is to tier match back to Caesars Rewards.

While they previously had promised that tier status would be carried over for 2021, they decided only earned status would qualify; therefore, those who matched through Wyndham (or received it through other programs such as Founders Card) and didn’t earn it outright would have to do it again, a trivial process but just something to be aware.

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