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Call of the Moon: Quirky Game With Three Wheels

Call of the Moon by WMS logo
Written by Joshua

Call of the Moon is an example of a game that attempts to break the mold in an unusual way, and in the process of doing so creates a game that can be pretty active.

It’s a WMS-era game with a more/better bet, in this case, improving values on the Extreme Wheel to make them the More Extreme Wheel (both free spins and wilds added for those wedges, but we’ll get to that in a moment).

The wild symbol serves as a 2x wild, which can help boost pays on this game. But there are no bonus symbols, but instead a different way to get features, bonuses and progressives.

Call of the Moon by WMS top box

On certain spins, the reels will go dark and lit up spaces will spin by. If a minimum of 3 of the lit up spaces appear in a row, you’ll get to spin the appropriate wheel based on whether 3, 4 or 5 in a row occur (with progressively better wheel options as the number increases).

Call of the Moon by WMS mini progressive awarded

There are multiple options on the wheel you can land, which include:

  • Progressives: Win the progressive you land on – pretty straightforward.
  • Free Spins: Win the number of free spins presented. The number of free spins increases based on which wheel you get, and whether you have the More Extreme Wheels active. On the five of a kind wheel with the More Extreme Wheels active, you could get as many as 100 free spins. The floor on the base bet is 5 and the More Extreme Wheels is 7.
  • Wilds: Win a wild spin with the number of wilds placed on the reels. If a + sign appears, it can be from the minimum shown on the wedge up to 12. The + sign only occurs on the 5 of a kind wheel. The number of wilds added depends on which wheel, and whether you have the More Extreme Wheels active.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade to the next wheel up (3 of a kind wheel to 4 of a kind wheel and so on).

The free spins can trigger more wheel spins, so you can effectively retrigger in the bonus.

By using the wheels as a way to handle the bonuses and features, it shakes up the standard bonus trigger and livens up play a bit, by going to a wheel format pretty regularly for specials.

If you don’t land the wheel when the light/dark spin happens, you could still win your normal line hits, which are evaluated after that aspect is complete.

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