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Comps From Home: Apps with Perks

Wynn Slots lets you earn free nights at Wynn Las Vegas
Written by Joshua

The most obvious way to earn comps is to go to a casino and play. Based on your play, new offers will be sent your way. But you can’t always get to a casino, and sometimes you want to play something a bit more casual (and free, or at least low cost).

As such, many casino players are also fans of online social casino apps. The good news is many of those apps have ties to major casino companies, and with that the ability to earn comps for taking certain actions. In the coming weeks we’ll be reviewing these apps, and explaining what you can get. But for today’s post, I’ll enumerate the apps that I’m aware of that can give you comps to enjoy at the casino. If you know of other apps we haven’t covered here, please feel free to share in the comments!

What the Apps Have in Common

Before listing out the apps, let’s quickly cover what all the apps have in common.

All of the comp-earning apps are tied to some sort of casino-friendly games. Some are providing slot games that can be found at actual casinos; others have their own games that are either completely new creations, or have original games that look and play a lot like casino games that they’re inspired by. Some offer other games, like Blackjack or Video Poker, aside from slots.

But all of the games are designed to attract those who also like going to casinos, with the ability to earn comps another perk of patronizing the games. The bulk of these games can be played in your web browser or on major phone platforms like iPhone or Android, but there are exceptions.

While all of the below give you some way to earn perks or discounts, they approach it in different ways.

Games with Comps, and Their Ties

  • MyVegas, My Konami, Pop Slots, MyVegas Blackjack: All four of these apps are linked in terms of the earning of Loyalty Points from coin purchases and playing games, which can be redeemed for a variety of comps in Las Vegas and other markets for MGM/mLife properties, including rooms, show tickets, food and beverage credits, free slot play, table match play, and more. There are also a lot of BOGO opportunities, some with unlimited redemption options, that include buffets, monorail tickets and more. They also have partnerships with other organizations, such as Resorts World in New York and Royal Caribbean cruises, with offers for each partner available as well. The popularity of the apps means it’s sometimes hard to get what you want, but most items are replenished daily so there’s at least a realistic chance of getting some items for your next trip. Learn more at their website.
  • Caesars Slots, Slotomania, House of Fun, Vegas Words, Bingo Blitz, WSOP: All of the Playtika-owned social casino games link to Caesars Rewards. Earning of Caesars Rewards only come from in-game purchases. Roughly 1 Caesars Reward Credit, worth a penny of comps, is given per dollar spent, a 1% earning rate. If you earn higher player levels in the games your earning rate increases slightly. RCs earned here to not contribute towards your tier credit count. But RCs can be spent at any Caesars property across the country, or get converted to freeplay at a 2:1 ratio, so there’s a higher utility since there’s more choices. Learn more at their website.
  • Wynn Slots: The Wynn Slots app is directly tied to Wynn Las Vegas, and the comps you’re earning are free night stays at that property, a beautiful one that is among the most luxurious in Vegas. Gems are earned from spinning the reels, and unlike some of the other apps you don’t have to purchase to earn comps. Visit here to get the app, or read our full review.
  • Hollywood Casino: The online casino linked to the Hollywood Casino and other Marquee Rewards/MyChoice properties lets you earn comps with each coin purchase, along with tier credits. In a recent test, we earned 2 tier credits per dollar spent, as well as a few cents per dollar in comps, better than earnings for the Caesars games. Like Caesars Reward Credits, Marquee Rewards/MyChoice comps can be spent at any property across the country that Penn National owns, which offers a lot of flexibility and utility. Visit the game website here.
  • Binion’s Casino (and Four Queens Casino): Binion’s Casino earns you hats, which can be redeemed for comps at the historic Binion’s. Unlike other games, your ability to earn hats isn’t based on how much you bet, but by watching ads or buying coins, and then spinning the wheels. Watching a video allows you to earn 4 hats once you earn your coins from the video and spin the reels; buying coins allows you to earn based on how many coins you purchased. It’s confusing, and we’ll dive in deeper in our dedicated review. But ability to earn Binion’s swag, food or room credit at sister property Four Queens is a great perk. Read our review here; Click here for details. UPDATED 6/7/19: Binion’s Casino’s sister property Four Queens has now launched their app, and the gaming component is basically identical to Binion’s. Check it out here.
  • Comp City: Basically the same as Binion’s app, but you earn tickets, and those tickets are for rewards provided by Las Vegas Advisor, the app’s promoter. While most of the perks are gambling related but not outright casino comps, one highlight is a Las Vegas Advisor membership along with their Member Rewards book, which features a lot of coupon offers and comps for casinos. We have a piece about coupon books coming up. Click here for details.
  • Foxwoods Online:  This app is linked to Foxwoods Resort Casino, based in Connecticut, and close to home for me. Playing the app games or buying coins earns hearts; hearts can be redeemed for a variety of comps, including Rewards Points (Foxwoods term for comp dollars), slot free play, table free bets, and even a gas card. Coin purchases earn hearts with an approximate 10% return in that format (so for every $10 purchased, you earn $1 worth of hearts). Visit the web version of the game here. You can also read our review here.

We’ll review each of these apps, and get into how you can earn comps, in future posts, but for the time being, if you use any of these apps and have experiences to share, or know of any others that offer the ability to earn comps,

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