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Foxwoods Online: Generous Rewards for a Popular East Coast Casino

Foxwoods Online high limit slots
Written by Joshua

Let’s shift our attention to the East Coast this week, for a casino that at one point North America’s largest casino, and is still one of the biggest. It also has a place in history in opening the first Native American casino in America with their bingo hall in 1986.

Foxwoods was also my first gambling experience, as someone who spent much of my lifetime living in Connecticut. So it’s the first filter from which I experienced gaming, and as a New Englander the casino I still consider my main home casino.

For a single property, their app experience is quite solid, with a lot to show for it in terms of games to play, and a solid comp experience behind it. Let’s dive in and take a look at what Foxwoods Online has to offer.

Overview of the App

Foxwoods Online slots lobby
There are four slot rooms in total, named after casinos on the Foxwoods property, and contain roughly 150 slot choices.

The app includes approximately 150 slots options, most of which are unlocked as you achieve various levels. Some slots, specifically those in the Stargazer room, are available when you have enough coins to play high limit slots. There are slots from a variety of developers, including real casino game manufacturers Konami, Everi, Ainsworth and Novomatic. Some slots are not slots you’d find in the casino, but the diversity of choices means you won’t get bored.

Foxwoods Online high limit room
High Voltage Blackout, an Everi slot found in casinos, is among those available in the high limit Stargazer Room.

Many of the slots that licensed from real manufacturers appear in the high limit room, but there is a selection of licensed games in the lower levels too, including Riverboat Queen by Everi and China Shores by Konami, so you can still get access to some of them even at the beginning levels.

Foxwoods Online table games lobby
The Table Games room is packed with a variety of non-slot options.

The Foxwoods Online app also has a robust Table Games room, which is basically where they capture all of the non-slots games, including Video Poker (a number of varieties are here, all single hand), Roulette, Keno, Blackjack and more. I have routinely played Jacks or Better in this app, and the pay table is solid enough to make playing for awhile possible.

This game, like many others, has a leveling up mechanism. This game you earn towards leveling up by the amount bet. Video poker appears to accrue towards the next level at the same pace as slots, but it doesn’t give you an exact number so it’s not as easy to tell.

The game routinely runs promotions for double or triple XP, so there are times when you can accrue XP faster. Leveling has importance towards comps, as you’ll see shortly.

Earning Coin Bonuses

There are a variety of coin bonuses offered in the game:

  • Hourly bonus: Each hour you’re able to collect coins in the lobby. As your levels increase, so does your bonus.
  • Daily bonus: Once a day (at 12 midnight Greenwich Mean Time), a wheel spin is activated that gives you (in all but one wedge) a coin bonus. There is an additional bonus if you return for consecutive days, with the largest bonus once you’ve maintained a streak for 10 days or longer. These, too, increase periodically as you level.
  • Level Up bonus: A coin bonus is awarded each time you level up.
  • Watch & Earn: A series of videos can be watched to earn coins, and that bonus too increases periodically as you level. The number of videos varies, but there’s usually a sufficient number to see an additional benefit by watching a few minutes of Foxwoods promotional videos predonimantly for upcoming concerts and shows.
  • Complete Quests: Quests are challenges, issued in sets of 4. When you complete one set of quests, another set can be bought, or when the next daily wheel bonus is offered, a new set of quests will also be loaded for free. Quests are either spin-based, bet-based or win-based. The first quest is the easiest, and the last quest is hardest, with the prizes escalating as the quests get harder. They, too, grow proportionally with everything else.

The amount of coin opportunities is solid, and if you run out of coins collecting up more to get back in the swing of things doesn’t take long.

Buying Coins

The coin buying experience is pretty straightforward. Sales run frequently so it’s usually advisable to buy during a sale. They also will send you bonus coupon codes if you haven’t purchased in awhile, which can be stacked with the sales. The in-game coin sales are most frequently in the 25-50% bonus range, but there are times it gets well above that, but that’s more rare. So timing your purchases can yield more coins to play with.

As such, you can get a good block of coins if you’re low. Plus, along with actually playing the game, buying coins does give you progress towards comps.

Earning Hearts

Loyalty Points, as the game calls it, are signified by a hearts icon in basically all places on the app, so effectively your efforts go towards earning those hearts. There are a number of ways to earn hearts:

  • Level up: Leveling up in the game will earn you 50 hearts. Leveling up happens based on the amount of coins bet, not won, and the amount of coins you must bet to level up increases slowly over time. Periodically, your coin multiplier increases; as noted above, all targets increase proportionally but the effort required to level up doesn’t really change except for that continued incremental increase. So the numbers basically just get bigger.
  • Daily bonus: One wedge on the wheel will award 250 hearts. It doesn’t hit that often, but it does hit.
  • Coin purchases: Hearts are awarded at a rate of 75 hearts per dollar. Based on the cost to redeem hearts that’s effectively a 10% return on your spend in comps.

The earning rate is among the stronger of the casino apps with that 10% return plus the ability to earn off of free coins just for playing. For those who live near Foxwoods that certainly puts points in the column of playing on this app.

Redeeming Hearts

Over time the app has added and removed prizes, but they’ve continually moved in the right direction. One of the most enduring has been the ability to buy 10 Foxwoods Rewards Points (their comp dollar currency) for 750 hearts.

Foxwoods Online rewards options
Free play and free bets are among the options available for redemption in Foxwoods Online.

One important, and helpful, thing about that particular purchase is that those 10 points also give you 10 tier points, which helps you achieve the next tier. Effectively if you’re a bit short, you could buy enough coins to purchase the next tier, or mix app play with casino play to achieve it faster. It takes 400 tier points to reach Gold, their second level tier in the current rewards program.

Rewards Points can be spent like cash in most of their shops, restaurants, against your hotel bill, etc. You can use them in many of the Tanger Outlets shops as well (marked with a sticker when accepted). So they can go a long way.

If you’d prefer other types of rewards, they have bonus slot play, free table play, casino branded gifts, and even gift cards for gas at the on-property gas station. For items that require pick-up in the casino, it requires a visit to either the Foxwoods Rewards booth or, for things like bonus slot play, you can get it from the on-property kiosks as well.

The variety of options and heart redemption costs will give players of all types a chance to get something for their hearts.


If you’re close enough to Foxwoods to avail yourself of comps there, the Foxwoods Online app is a great way to get some extras for your next visit. The games are diverse, the earning ability strong, and overall it’s well balanced and thought out.

I have redeemed quite a few items over the past few years since I’ve been using the app, and it’s provided quite a bit of additional value above and beyond what you get already from the casino comps program, itself relatively generous. From my personal experience I can confirm it’s a great option, despite its limitation to one casino. It’s definitely worth a look.

Have you played the Foxwoods Online app? Have you redeemed a comp from it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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My name is Joshua, and I’m a slot enthusiast who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, travel, casino promotions and how you can get the most out of your casino visits.


  • I have a question for you!! Ive been playing Foxwoods Online for awhile now. I know I have completed many quests. I see the coins being added somewhere. Where can I find my coins????

    • When you complete a quest and win coins, it goes into your coins balance, which is used to spin on the game. The hearts (which are the comp earnings) are earned by leveling up or the daily wheel spin. On the main lobby screen you should see both balances at the top of the screen, whether you’re playing desktop or mobile. Hope that helps!

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