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Slot Moments: Slot Queen Finally Achieves 15 Heads on Buffalo Gold with Wonder 4

Buffalo Gold by Aristocrat 9x multiplier $27 a line x8
Written by Joshua

Slot Queen has been a long time fan of Buffalo Gold, but she had never had a truly spectacular bonus. On a recent session of Wonder 4 Gold Boost, she finally got her chance when she secured a bonus on Buffalo Gold.

She didn’t even record at first as it began like a pretty standard bonus, but at spin 18 she upgraded to Super Free Games, which is four reel sets, and decided to begin recording. She only had five spins left but managed a retrigger on spin 22.

More triggers followed, including some three coins retriggers with 8 games. Her husband called out 15 heads on game 28 – he proved to be prescient. All while this is going on, they’re supposed to be headed to a comedy show, and they were concerned walking in late because they had good seats and comedians can’t resist picking on people who are late and upfront.

On game 37 of 44, the 13th head dropped, making the wolves change over. Game 38 is also when she reached handpay territory. On game 38, the 14th head dropped. And on game 39, the 15th and final gold head dropped, meaning all four other animal symbols were all changed to Buffalo heads.

On game 42, another retrigger, giving five more spins! On game 45, another five games! Then game 45, the dream – three wild symbols and buffalo heads all the way across, with x2, x2 and x3.

By the end, she hit just shy of $10,000 on a $9.60 wager and a $2.40 trigger bet (since it triggered on a single game), good for 1,000x her total wager and a massive handpay. As of publication it ranks as her third largest casino win of all time.

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