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CT Fan Duel Players Can Now Earn Momentum Dollars

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Written by Joshua

It’s now been more than six months since online gambling launched in Connecticut, allowing players within the Connecticut geographic zone (outside a perimeter around the casinos, as they want you playing physically when there) to play online gaming, whether a resident or not.

At the time of launch, my recommendation leaned towards Draft Kings because of better offers (at least in my case) and the fact that you would earn comps (albeit ones that only work within the Draft Kings ecosystem, so it amounts to free play).

At the time, I noted that there were rumors of more tight integration with the comp programs within Connecticut, not unlike how they work in other markets with New Jersey, and that would change the face of things if and when they happened.

This has now happened, at least a first step towards it, with Fan Duel, which is Mohegan Sun’s partner. Starting in April, they began to issue Momentum Dollars based on play. Momentum Dollars are comp dollars available for use at Mohegan Sun’s properties, including the ones they manage in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Other than this announcement, and a way for you to link your accounts, not much else is clear. They state you do not earn Momentum Dollars for Video Poker or Sports Gambling; the former makes sense because full pay video poker is offered online and they don’t provide comp dollars on full pay video poker at Mohegan Sun either.

They also don’t state how fast it accrues, but they don’t in the physical casino either. Expect them to take a lot more coin-in to earn online, given the fact Mohegan Sun has to share revenue with Fan Duel, as well as the fact that game paybacks are much higher online than in the physical casinos for similar bets.

I deposited $100 and played for awhile, until the deposit was exhausted. After the fact, I didn’t see anything added to my account. One thing that’s not clear is if the earnings are instant or take awhile to appear; if the latter, I’ll update this article to clarify what I earned. Otherwise, I simply didn’t gamble enough to earn anything, so be aware if you’re hoping to augment your comp dollars through online play.

But overall, Mohegan Sun players now may have a more concrete reason to play specifically on Fan Duel. And with the language saying status and tier credits aren’t linked “at this time,” there’s also the potential for further Momentum support which may make it even more valuable for their players.

Foxwoods and Draft Kings, it’s your move!

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