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Dancing Drums Explosion vs. Dancing Drums: What’s Changed?

Dancing Drums by Shuffle Master progressives
Written by Joshua

One of the most popular articles here on the site is about Dancing Drums, which has certainly been a popular casino favorite in recent years.

While Double Blessings came out as another game in the same spirit as Dancing Drums, it wasn’t until Dancing Drums Explosion that the game got a true sequel. Unfortunately, what has been true about other game sequels is the case here.

Let’s start with the fact that you can’t select the number of gold symbols on this version of the game, which means the minimum bet on this version is 88 cents, vs. 8 cents (albeit with one gold symbol) on the original.

Second, the bet increments don’t increase in 88 cent steps. From 88 cents you go to $1.88, then $2.88, then $5.88 and $10. That increases the max bet from $8.80 to $10 while the line bet multiplier remains at 10.

The main reason for the bet inflation is the introduction of gold wild and bonus symbols, which when present can improve the progressives when the pot closes, and improves the scenarios offered in the bonus. In the bonus you gain one more row of symbols at each bet level (except the 3 spins, which gains 2 rows). Given this is an all ways pays machine, this is certainly a plus on the potential side, but comes with it increased volatility.

Finally, there is a new Explosion jackpot that falls above the grant, but can only be won with a wager of $5.88 or $10. So that is obviously designed to drive more higher wagers as well.

Gold symbol wilds that appear when the pot closes will lead to the progressives being boosted. If you’re wagering $5.88 or $10 the grand will be knocked out and replaced with the Explosion level.

The end result is this is another sequel that uses the popularity of the theme and game design to add something while pushing up bets and making the game harder. It becomes even more feast or famine as a result for a game that was already at times pretty tough. Fans of the original will certainly find something to like here, but those who had walked away finding the game too tough will not find redemption on this new version.

Watch and Learn

Here’s the Slot Shimmers, playing Dancing Drums Explosion with The Slot Cats and Vic T Slots with Karen in a nice, lengthy video that shows a lot of play. I had the fortunate opportunity to visit with The Slot Cats, Vic T and Karen during my Las Vegas trip in November/December.

And here is another great video from TheBigPayback:

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