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Distance and Casino Offers Revisited: Length of Play

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Written by Joshua

In a recent post I shared some thoughts about whether casinos will factor in the amount of travel required as part of their marketing offers to players. And I shared some examples of when they would factor travel in with offers like flights.

Hotel rooms is a key piece that can come into play for marketing offers. If you live closer to a casino and find hotel offers to be tough to secure, that might be by design. In part, casino marketing offers will factor in if a player is time constrained because of their travel, and whether offering a room might encourage them to play and stay longer.

If you live relatively close, rooms may be less important because you can come and play for a few hours. We know that casinos like 3-4 hours of play to smooth the ups and downs somewhat and ensure they have a decent chance at winning a bit of your money, if not more.

If you have to drive a few hours to get to a casino, you might not be able to stay as long. So casinos may parcel out limited hotel inventory to those players first, especially the ones who they want to keep around longer, and/or have shown a proclivity for longer stays if the offers are there.

It can seem quite obvious once spelled out, but the ability to generate offers that encourage a longer stay can be a good investment if the trade-off is a player with a decent budget staying longer and playing longer. Conversely, someone with easier access to the casino might be easier to get out to visit when they’re close, as long as the offer is good enough.

The point in the previous post that casinos will differ on their offer structures and strategies still remains, but a lot of casinos have basic fundamental tenets to their offer structures and the idea of distance vs. time available to play factor in to many of them.

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