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Do Casino Offers or Comps Get Impacted By Actual Wins or Losses?

Example of a win loss chart from Mlife
Written by Joshua

A bit of debate broke out on a forum I frequent recently about the concept of how actual win/loss numbers impact offers and comps. Do casinos rely on these numbers in any way?

STATUS: Yes, but not every property and not in the same way each time. But there’s some categories where it can happen.

The topic was being discussed because one player surmised that her strong offers were because she had been winning a good percentage of the time at the casino. However, she had been winning solid amounts without any handpays, which would imply a lot of coin-in.

As a general rule, casinos will not bump up offers for players winning a lot. Offers will grow as a result of more gambling because of the winning, though, as the expected loss on more gambling grows. Many times players don’t realize as they begin to win a lot that their overall wager amount will grow some as well, and that leads to improved offers as a whole.

However, some casinos will look at a lot of winning as an area to cut comps, because they believe the player has already been rewarded by taking home actual cash. Of course, that can be at the risk of player loyalty, so this isn’t something all casinos do, but I’ve certainly seen examples of it in my time.

Similarly, many casinos won’t look at the absolute loss and adjust their offers accordingly, but occasionally casinos will evaluate this too. Hosts may be able to compare theoretical loss to actual loss for a large enough player if things don’t go well (but will only comp based on 10 percent of actual loss, for example, vs. 30 percent of theoretical loss).

So, the computer formula that calculates losses will largely not pay attention to the actual wins and losses, but your amount of play may indirectly have an effect on those numbers, and certain casinos may use actual win/loss to do a more manual or specific evaluation of things if the numbers are large enough.

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  • What is the protocol regarding tips to hosts? For obtaining concert tickets? After a slot tournament win? For special arrangements?

    • Hi Kim! Tipping is a bit of a personal thing, but some players will be more generous than others with their hosts. Hosts will many times confirm they can’t accept cash but can accept gifts, so getting to know your host a bit and finding items that may fit their interests is one option; others may give a card with an Amazon gift card or something like that inside. As far as when to tip, I’d say that’s up to you, but if your host is going above/beyond for all of the examples you’ve cited (special arrangements, getting you tickets or access to something like a slot tournament), it makes sense to think about some sort of a tip, in my opinion.

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