Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck: Bird’s Eye View of the Strip

Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower
Written by Joshua

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One of the most prominent aspects of Paris Las Vegas is the 1/2 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower that sits front and center on the property. It was supposed to be a full scale replica, but was downsized to comply with requirements placed on it to allow its construction.

However, even at a half size height, the replica Eiffel Tower still is an impressive presence on the Las Vegas strip, and like its original counterpart it features a viewing deck that you can purchase tickets to view.

During my trip in late 2019, I went up to check out the views at night and was pretty impressed with the views you could check.

Being so close to the edge of the strip, compared with the High Roller, which is set back further, you get some pretty unique and impressive views of the strip from the viewing deck.

For instance, the Bellagio fountains are practically across the street, so you can get a unique bird’s-eye view of them during shows, which take place regularly at night.

You can also see up and down the strip in various directions, getting a great view of the various lights and buildings all lined up throughout the strip. It’s a very photogenic area of the strip and leads to some beautiful photo opportunities.

I purchased my Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck tickets through during one of their many great promotions, but Diamond and above Caesars Rewards players may also qualify for special promotions as well booking directly through Caesars.

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