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Mohegan Sun multiplier offers
Written by Joshua

Aside from the offers that the casinos send to individual players to entice them to return, they also have other methods of wooing people back. Among the more popular options is the multiplier promotion. This can take one of a number of forms. We’ll review some of the most common ones, and what benefits this can offer a player looking for an opportunity.

Regardless of whether it creates a true Advantage Play option or just offers some extra perks, in virtually all cases a multiplier promotion will provide a benefit over playing the same amount on a non-multiplier day, so it’s always worth looking over such promotions if you’re planning on visiting the casinos.

The Types of Multipliers

Multiplier promotions come in a few forms. Each are designed to encourage you to visit on that specific day, and if you’re lucky might combine with other offers, such as freeplay:

MGM Tier Credit Multiplier
MGM Springfield was offering a tier credit multiplier in this offer.
  • Tier Point Multipliers: When tier multipliers are in effect, you can earn your tier faster by accumulating points towards the next tier and having them multiplied. Sometimes it’s a generic multiplier, while other times it’s based on your tier. This doesn’t really give you anything of financial value other than helping you boost your tier more quickly. Being at a higher tier don’t necessarily give you more in comps, but they do sometimes offer some benefits with tangible value, such as cut the line perks, shop discounts and others that can still have value. And if you’re earning status at a casino that is in competition with others, you might luck into being eligible for a tier match.
  • Comp Dollar Multipliers: A comp dollar multiplier can provide actual financial benefit as the comp dollars you’re earning while gambling gets multiplied. Similar to the tier point multipliers, it could be a blanket offer for all players, or you may get your own multiplier

    In Atlantic City once, I was at Harrah’s on a multiplier day that guaranteed a 3x minimum, but I got 5x. I was determined to play 2,500 tier credits to get the 5,000 tier credit bonus Caesars Rewards offers. Playing video poker, that required $25,000 of bets. Not only was I able to do it, earning the tier credits (which gave me Diamond level at that point), but I had $125 in comp dollars thanks to the multiplier, AND in a lucky break I managed to win $1,000 on the session! I purposely timed my attempt to earn the points on a comp dollar multiplier day to ensure I could maximize my perks for the effort I was going to make.
  • Bounce Back/”Return Rewards” Multipliers: Sometimes casinos will offer bounce back offers, which are offers to come back later on, usually within 30-60 days. From time to time bounce back multipliers will be offered, which gives you more freeplay on a follow-up visit.

Finding an Advantage

Reading the fine print on each of these multiplier offers is key to understanding where the best advantage might lie. For instance, can you use the multipliers on video poker, where the house edge traditionally is much lower? Even if you have to do more coin in to earn a tier point or comp dollar, if the multiplier overcomes that advantage you can make much more progress with a lower house advantage. If you can play a full-play video poker machine, you might even find yourself with a slight advantage over the house (with perfect play and conditions, of course).

Do you have any other offers that are available concurrently, such as free play? If so, there’s an advantage if you’re able to cycle the freeplay, get it to cash and then earn extra points while playing with it, as you’re doing that with money that initiated from the house instead of your wallet.

Do you qualify for tier accelerators already thanks to having already earned status, such as at mLife? The multipliers may stack on top of it, so you’re able to earn tier credits that much faster.

Occasionally, multipliers will overlap, such as Mohegan Sun’s offer at the top of this post, where both tier points and Momentum (their comp dollars) were doubled. Better yet, Poker room earnings were doubled, which isn’t often the case in such promotions.

Putting Knowledge to Action

A personal example of making it work: I went to one of my local casinos during a triple tier point promotion where every $300 in coin in was worth one comp dollar, like normal, but instead of the four tier credits I would earn I would get 12. Playing triple play Jacks or Better video poker I was able to earn around 5 comp dollars an hour, with 60 tier credits earned. This casino gives you the first tier up at 400 tier credits, so it allowed me to make a major dent to getting that tier, which makes available some discounts and perks that I leverage regularly.

Regulars and locals to Vegas know that many properties offer multipliers off the strip quite often. My first ever visit to Red Rock was a day when they were running a strong point multiplier on slots, which earned me some extra free play without much effort. The fact that I earned it while already having a winning day was icing on the cake.

If you don’t go to a casino often, it’s worth understanding when multiplier days will occur, and if they’ll work out for you. Many times they’re on less popular days, but if you can make the timing work it can be highly advantageous!

Do you take advantage of point multipliers to get a bit further ahead? Share your experiences in the comments!

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