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Free Play for All on Royal, and Other Lessons Learned from a Casino Host

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas at Cococay
Written by Joshua

I’ve been writing here periodically about Royal Caribbean and the various ways things work when it comes to the casino, from earning free cruises to how the casino program, Club Royale, works.

But while many of these things can help you understand the basics, it doesn’t cover every aspect of things to be aware of. For instance, I’ve never mentioned here on the site that every cruiser on every Royal Caribbean voyage gets free play on their Seapass card, available the first portion of the cruise (generally the first two nights).

Now, for most players it won’t be much – it starts at $2 and the top amount is $100 – but it’s still something. The last two cruises I got $4 – not going to break the bank, but free play is free play.

I was reminded of this detail in a recent video published by YouTube channel La Lido Loca, which focuses on cruise news, reviews and more. Tony, who runs the channel, tends to have useful and timely info, recently featured a chat with another YouTuber, Chris Wong, who works as a casino host on Royal Caribbean ships.

As it happens Chris was one of the hosts on a sailing I took in 2020 on the Oasis of the Seas, and he’s as nice as he seems on his channel, but he mentions a number of things not all players may be aware can happen.

For example, hosts may be able to float other freebies, like specialty restaurant comps, as part of the discretionary comps they can issue based on play. So it’s probably a good idea to check in with the hosts occasionally if you’ve been playing hard to see if you’re eligible for any additional comps.

And, of course, they can help you confirm how you’re tracking towards casino tiers, which can yield perks and freebies, as well as the free cruise certificates earned based on play.

It’s a short but interesting watch for those not in the know, and may prove helpful information for many of you!

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