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How Play Frequency Impacts Hotel and Gift Casino Offers

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Written by Joshua

Awhile back I wrote about how your offers will reflect your frequency visiting the casino and your budget. In the post, I focused mostly on the free play aspect of things, since that’s what players see most clearly in their offers (with food perhaps following closely behind, as that tends to be another clear number).

But another aspect of your budget and visit frequency that doesn’t always make the list of things players think about as heavily is other aspects of standard casino offers such as hotel rooms and gifts. This hit me recently as one of my locals, which had been my throwaway budget local where I didn’t worry too much about my comps (and their offers, in turn, showed it), to my main casino, with a decent budget, since COVID-19 hit.

My offers have blossomed, as would be expected by such consistent and diligent care, but other aspects have come out of it.

My free play has more than quadrupled, which makes sense given my before and after budget, but other things have changed too:

  • I have consistent hotel offers: I now get a second, separate mailer from the property specifically highlighting comp room nights. The last two months highlighted room opportunities for any night of the week, all month long. As recently as December most of my offers were Sunday-Thursday, and a couple months before that just discounted rooms.
  • Regular gift offerings: I used to rarely have gift offers prior to my increased play, and now get them all the time. The gift card offerings have improved, but so have the quality and value of the physical gifts as well.
  • More frequent offer availability: There were times when my mailer would effectively allow me to redeem an offer once every 8-10 days. I now get the ability to redeem a few times a week, with diversity in what the offers are (some are free play only, some a mix of free play and dining credit, some are gifts, and so on). Having a higher budget to comp me means more creativity and diversity in ways that they comp me.

This is why finding the right balance between visit frequency and budget can be critical in getting the best/most comps – you may be locking yourself out of some of the comp value by stretching your budget too thinly. This is the same whether talking about how often you visit your local at home, or how many casinos owned by different entities you gamble at in Vegas.

Being savvy about how you invest your play (especially if you’re already planning on doing it) can make the most of your comp situation. This includes rooms and gifts, just another component of your offers.

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