High Roller Observation Wheel: Cool Way to See Vegas

Las Vegas strip at sunset
Written by Joshua

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Having reviewed other lookout spots in Las Vegas, such as The Strat Observation Deck and the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck, I should cover another popular lookout point, the High Roller Observation Wheel.

Situated at the back of the LINQ Promenade and 550 feet tall, it was the tallest observation wheel upon opening (it will be overtaken soon as this is written) and is a towering presence on the Las Vegas strip. It looks a bit intimidating, despite the completely enclosed design of it, and for those with fears of heights it is a bit harder to avoid the views compared to, say the Strat Observation Deck.

Being pushed back a bit behind the main strip, your views are a bit different, but you get high enough to get quite a view. From the time you board to the time you depart, it’s a roughly 30 minute ride to complete a circuit. You get a view out of basically every direction and when you reach the top, you can see in all directions because the ring you’re connected to is under the car at that point.

Like The Strat Observation Deck, I did the High Roller twice. The first time was intended to be a daytime ride, but by the time my friends and I made it over, picked up the tickets we ordered on and got on, the sun was beginning to set, giving us an unplanned dusk view of the city and the strip, which was absolutely stunning.

The second time, we did a night time ride but took advantage of the Happy Half Hour, which includes a bar and as much as you can reasonably drink (and the bartender can serve for the roughly 30 people) in a half hour. This option is unavailable right now because of COVID-19, but will I’m sure return in the future.

You don’t really notice the motion, as it moves slowly enough to avoid motion sickness or anything like that, and it’s a short enough ride to be enjoyable, while long enough to allow ample time for viewing in all directions and getting photos. Including picking up or buying tickets, you’re probably going to need an hour from start to finish to complete the journey, a relatively quick outing for Las Vegas.

The views both day and night are amazing, and the ride is absolutely worth checking out at some point while in Las Vegas. is regularly offering discounts and promotions, so you can pick up a decent deal online; Caesars Rewards members get discounts if you’re Diamond and above. I encourage everyone to check it out at lease once.

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