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Cash Machine by Everi is Simple: Win What You See

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Written by Joshua

I’ve written about a couple of games by Everi that breaks the mold of slot machines, Lightning Zap and Crush Conquest. But they have introduced other games in recent times that twist the existing model around nicely, and one such game is Cash Machine.

It’s a traditional mechanical three-reel machine, but it uses numbers on the reels and the concept is drop dead simple – whatever numbers show up, read them across and that’s your prize.

There are no bonus rounds, no features in the traditional sense, just a straight ahead slots. But there are upgrade opportunities.

Land at least one 0 without a win and you will get a respin, giving you the opportunity to land more numbers. If you land a second 0, you can respin again for that third reel.

Another respin opportunity happens if the screen turns red, but in this scenario you are guaranteed to land at least one more digit that leads to an upgraded payout.

Cash Machine by Everi 105 credit win

These two respin capabilities are in lieu of any other bonus features, so the game is pretty fast paced, and as a high limit machine that you never see below quarters, and 10 credits required to maximize the payouts, that is $2.50 a spin at quarters and $10 a spin at $1 denomination. The game is many times featured in a multi-denomination format; I have seen $10 denomination in those forms.

However, it also has a maximum top prize of 10,500 credits, or 1,050x your wager, so it is a lower max top payout that likely helps with the volatility a bit.

The game gives you a choice of playing 1 credit with a top prize of 10 credits, 5 credits for a top prize of 105 credits, or 10 credits with that 10,500 credit top prize. Clearly the 10 credit version is the best payout opportunity.

There is a sequel that offers progressives and a wheel, but runs the risk of trending like other slot sequels in that way, but does add a bit more for players seeking a bit more diversity in gameplay.

I favor this minimalist approach, and applaud Everi for putting out something so straightforward yet fun.

Watch and Learn

King Jason Slots has a whole catchphrase just for this game, “Ting Ting,” based on the respin sound. The game has brought him a lot of success over time. Here is the most watched video of all time on his channel as this is posted, featuring $10 and $50 bets on the game:

Neily 777 had a handpay on the game, with the session starting at 4:17:

Diana Evoni also had a great session on the game:

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