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How to Check Your Casino Offers from Royal Caribbean

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Written by Joshua

The casino on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Casino Royale, has a player tracking system just like any other casino. And, based on your play history, you may qualify for offers from Royal Caribbean, just like you would a land-based casino.

Some offers are straightforward, such as the way you earn free cruises based on your play on a trip, but you can also qualify for more generic offers through Club Royale, the casino program.

You can visit the Club Royale Offers website to look up those offers. You’ll need your Club Royale rewards number (the same as your Crown & Anchor Society number) and your last name to access the site.

On the site you’ll see a variety of offers, including any free cruises you earned for meeting or renewing your tier, as well as any casino offers available to you based on your play. This can include discounted or free cruise offers.

The offers rotate monthly, and can include different room types and free play, depending on the length of the cruise and the itineraries available. Those who like to cruise regularly may find plenty of offers that they like available to them, especially if they tend to gamble with a reasonable enough budget on the cruise.

It’s important to remember that Royal Caribbean rates based on a cruise, not based on number of days, so you’ll need to do the same level of total play, whether the cruise is 3 days or 7 days, to maintain your offers. So if you want to ensure your offers continue to flow, you’ll want to plan and budget accordingly.

I’ve done the math, and generally speaking, for the value I’ve been able to capture out of the free cruises I’ve received, vs. what I would have paid to book them, it’s a pretty fair trade-off given you also get the casino entertainment value during the trip.

Cruise ship slot payouts are going to be on the low end, and the video poker tables equally poor, but you can certainly still hit a jackpot or have a big win on a cruise.

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