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If You’re Not Winning, Does Cashing Out and Putting the Ticket Back In Help?

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Written by Joshua

There are players who believe if they’re facing a bad streak on a slot machine, cashing out their ticket and reinserting it will help shake off the bad streak and lead to better things. Yes?


The Random Number Generator does not discriminate based on which cash or ticket is inserted. Taking your ticket out and inserting it will change your timing… but would that next hit have been a winner or a loser? No player will really know.

The machine is designed to pay back a certain percentage over the long term. So it doesn’t react to outside influences such as players cards, ticket sizes, stopping the reels or whose ticket is inserted. It simply cycles through numbers and shows the outcome of what you won (or not) based on when you press the spin button.

Taking a ticket out will slow down your play, and your losses if on a bad streak, but it won’t suddenly make a bad streak good, or help you suddenly hit a big win. If you do, it’s a lucky coincidence but has nothing to do with the action you just took.

For better or worse, many players think they have some way to impact the outcome of a slot machine. Unfortunately, games are designed mathematically to do their job, which is to over time win money for the casino. There’s no loopholes based on your actions, including cashing out a ticket and putting it back in.

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