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King Midas: Gold Symbol Upgrade Makes for Real Slot Payout Potential

King Midas by WMS super big win
Written by Joshua

In its day, WMS could make some real toughies of a game but with some insane potential. One of my favorites was King Midas, part of the second generation of G+ Deluxe games that came out before they started going in a different direction.

The game’s special feature played well with the theme: A set of spaces on the reels could changed to one of the medium/top paying symbols (minus the wild or bonus symbol), and all occurrences of that symbol would turn gold for the spin. Lining up that symbol during the base game would yield a 5x payout compared to the normal payouts for that symbol.

The top paying symbol, the queen, could even pay 2 across. A wild symbol was also on the pay table, paying the same as the queen, so 2 across there would be similar. Those symbols paid quite well; three across paid your bet back at 1x, so a 5x payout would yield 5x, per line, for that symbol. You can see how that can get interesting quickly.

King Midas by WMS big win

Three or more bonus symbols would yield free spins, with more spins based on the number of symbols triggered, from 7 to 20 spins. The only big change in gameplay is the gold symbols now pay 10x vs. 5x. You can retrigger during the bonus.

With this sort of potential, even betting low the game had a propensity to occasionally deliver some spectacular hits, and this was a favorite low rolling game when it was around more often. Now I rarely find it, part of the challenge of the machines it’s on disappearing from many casinos, but when I do trip across it I make it a point of playing it.

King Midas Slot Machine Videos

RandomSlots has a portion of the pay table in this one, along with a free spins bonus:

This session from TheBigPayback features multiple bonuses:

Finally, VegasLowRoller had multiple big hits and a progressive win in this short (under a minute) video:

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