Las Vegas As Seen 20 Years Ago: A Video Postcard

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Written by Joshua

Las Vegas, particularly the strip, has gone through generational changes, expansions, demolitions, and other seismic shifts over time as it has evolved as a gambling and entertainment destination. If you want to see just how much things have changed in 20 years, this video will give you a great guide.

This video postcard was produced for 2001, and you can quickly begin to see a lot of changes that have happened on the strip since then. For instance, many of the ingrained properties we see in the video were new or relatively new at the time this video was launched.

Properties like Aria, Wynn and Cosmo didn’t even exist yet. Tropicana and Caesars Palace looked considerably different in some ways to the way they do now. Hotel rooms looked… very bland compared to how they look today. Some of the demolitions that led to the newness are also featured in the video.

The video postcard explores not just the properties and rooms, but dining, shows, other entertainment options, and really aims to summarize the state of Las Vegas circa 2001.

If you’re a regular visitor to Vegas and have been going for some time, this will bring back fond memories; if you have only been going more recently, this can give you an idea of what Vegas was like at that point.

Vegas is a chameleon that evolves with the demands and interests of the public, so it’s not a surprise to see that it looks different, but it’s pretty impressive how much has changed in just that amount of time. It’s also interesting to see some of the things that haven’t changed so much in that window.

Were you a regular Vegas visitor at the time this video was produced? Do you remember anything that’s shared in the video? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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