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MGM Rewards Extends Tier Match Through End of 2022

Written by Joshua

When we first learned about the relaunch of Mlife to become MGM Rewards, one of the questions remaining was around tier matching.

From September 30, 2020, MGM had been tier matching competitors across the country. The program had been extended a couple of times, ultimately landing on a January 31, 2022 end date. Then, in the new year, they bumped the date out further to June 30, 2022

The good news is the tier match has continued. The MGM website has officially removed the date from the main promotional page, a sign this will become potentially more permanent, not unlike what Caesars has offered over the years. The fine print, at least for now, shows the latest date of December 31, 2022.

The basic idea remains the same – in areas where MGM has casinos, they’ll match higher tier cards from their competitors with either a Gold or Platinum tier level, depending on the casino and card level presented. You can present these at any MGM casino, as the tier matching offer is a national one.

One big change for 2022, given the additions to the MGM Rewards program, is that perks with significant cash value, such as the celebration dinners and travel credits, along with the already previously mentioned in terms complimentary cruise, are not available to tier matchers, instead only being available to players who earned the tier credits required to qualify for those perks.

However, line cutting privileges, bonus earnings on slot dollars, and some new perks like waived resort fees for Gold level players and up would be available, so there’s certainly still benefits to tier matching. You simply won’t get some of the more valuable perks without renewing the tier on your own.

From my scan of the terms, I don’t see anything blocking a re-match, but I’ve seen some examples of people being told tier matches are one and done. That said, I’ve personally tier matched twice in the pre-national program era (once at Borgata and once at MGM Springfield), and the feedback I’m seeing around this question is far from consistent, so we’ll probably learn more in the coming weeks.

For those with a higher tier card at another property, this is still a good option to check out, as there’s no cost and can unlock some value for you, especially if you visit MGM properties enough to leverage some of the perks like the waived resort fees.

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