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MGM Springfield Tier Credit Multiplier Tuesdays in July

Exterior of MGM Springfield
Written by Joshua

I don’t often see or get to write about tier credit multipliers at MGM properties outside Las Vegas. It seems like the regional properties get forgotten about often on this account, even when they were earning at a much lower rate than Vegas before the MGM Rewards relaunch.

I thought I’d have to go to Vegas to take advantage of a tier credit multiplier (in fact, this post is going live while I’m in Vegas), but this month MGM Springfield players are going to benefit from a tier credit multiplier!

The tier credit multiplier is available on Tuesdays, and your tier level will determine what multiplier you’ll get:

  • Sapphire and Pearl players will get a 2x tier credit multiplier
  • Gold, Platinum and NOIR players will get a 3x tier credit multiplier

This should be really helpful to players who are finding the new program to be more difficult than the one it replaced. My previous analysis of the changes for MGM Springfield indicated some areas where things actually improved (such as the cutting of specialty slots), but some areas where they would have gotten worse (higher limit machines likely earning at lower rates, for instance, since tier credits are now earned based on theoretical loss, not amount of wagers).

The tier credit multiplier should help all players out during July, since the earnings rates will definitely outpace anything previously on those days, and Gold and above should get a real boost towards renewing their tiers on those days.

Springfield’s promotions tend to rotate monthly, so there’s no guarantee such an offer will come around again next month or even for the remainder of the year. So for those players who like the perks of their tier and are still working to achieve it, here’s a great opportunity to make a dent in those numbers.

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