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Mlife Rewards Rolls Out 2020 Tier Matching Program

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Written by Joshua

For a long time, Caesars Rewards has run some form of a tier matching program, albeit this year it’s for new members only. As for Mlife, Borgata and MGM Springfield have offered tier matching for some time, but those were the only two and were more regionally targeted programs.

This has officially changed this month, as Mlife has rolled out a comprehensive, nationwide tier matching program that lasts through the end of 2020.

Their site lists which cards they’ll match from each market; you have the ability to match to either the Gold or Platinum tier depending on your status at another casino. Your tier match will survive through 2021, to the 2021 tier expiration of January 31, 2022.

You do not have to be in the market your card is from (such as New England for a New England match); you should be able to do this in Vegas or any other market where Mlife has a casino (as they are listing states, like Connecticut and Rhode Island, that don’t have a casino). This is a boon for players who may be planning some sort of a trip.

It’s also a boon for players who have a top tier players card at one of the many casino companies supported, including their top national competitors Caesars and mychoice, as this can provide a 16-month run with a matched Mlife card.

Even more exciting, you can re-match if you earn a higher level, and qualify for a higher tier, during the program. So if you can only match to Gold, but before year’s end earn a tier that qualifies you for Platinum, you can re-match.

The key benefit of a tier match with Mlife is a guaranteed tier credit, express comps and point earnings accelerator. Gold cardholders see a 20% bonus while Platinum sees a 30% bonus. This can be very helpful if you’re putting in a significant amount of play at Mlife casinos relative to the baseline earnings.

Unlike Caesars’ current program, both new and existing players are eligible to match under this program, per the program rules. The full terms can be found on their website.

The timing seems aimed to attempt to woo players as part of the Caesars-Eldorado merger being completed; this will likely be one of a number of steps taken to try to woo players to try a different casino company over the next number of months.

Mlife also touched up its Las Vegas casino offers going into September; based on players I’ve talked to it seems to have weakened them some (although some players got more free play in lieu of some of the resort credit). This weakening doesn’t surprise me given Eldorado’s public acknowledgement they’re cutting back offers themselves, and reports from players that other Vegas programs have seen cuts throughout the past few months.

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