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MGM Rewards Offers 2x Tier Credit Promotion in Las Vegas Through April 30, 2022

Written by Joshua

Now that the MGM Rewards program is officially here, it’s time to circle back to one of the promotional announcements that came with everything that rolled out last month: There’s a tier credit multiplier going for Las Vegas visitors for the next few months.

The tier credit multiplier kicked off with the launch of the new MGM Rewards on February 1, and is set to continue through April 30.

As a way to build excitement and get people coming to their casinos at the beginning after the rollout, a tier match makes sense. MGM did a multiplier the summer after the pandemic shutdowns, albeit that time with free play.

However, the timing and scenario of the multiplier was a bit questionable to those of us who saw the new program rolling out, and the scaling back of tier credit earnings on non-gaming spend.

Traditionally, you could earn tier credits for gaming at a rate 5x faster in Las Vegas than their regional properties. With the program changes, they eliminated all specific language about tier credit earnings. Meanwhile, non-gaming spend became normalized at the same throughout the MGM Resorts properties nationwide – and it was cut for both Vegas and non-Vegas properties.

With a lack of clarity around how tier credits were earned, along with a lack of clarity around whether you would earn faster in Las Vegas anymore, the 2x multiplier to me seemed like a way to bridge the gap on a temporary basis, allowing Las Vegas guests to get a bit more temporarily while these rule changes rolled out.

So it may be obfuscating the reduction in Las Vegas that will take place long term, or it may offer an even more generous scenario than before and things will go more or less back to normal after the three months elapse. Without someone trying different machines and keeping close track, we won’t really know.

As 2022 progresses I’ll take some stabs at calculating what the games are awarding now, and will share my results with the class. Since I don’t live near Vegas, my first attempts will begin with regional properties like MGM Springfield and Borgata.

If you happen to do the same, and are willing to share with me, especially if you’re headed to Vegas, I’d be appreciative!

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