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Total Meltdown: Respins, Multipliers Make this Everi Slot Machine Tick

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Written by Joshua

Everi has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the mechanical reel market, and part of that has to do with games like the Meltdown series of slots, which features multipliers and respins to deliver a fun experience.

Total Meltdown exemplifies the format, with Total Meltdown, Total Meltdown 3x and Total Meltdown 5x wild symbols that pay 1, 3 and 5 credits respectively if they aren’t in a winning combination, but get the multipliers rolling pretty frequently.

Total Meltdown by Everi pay table

The Total Meltdown symbol only appears on reel 1; the 3x variation only appears on reel 2 and the 5x variation only appears on reel 3. Get them all on a single payline, and you’ve won 4,000 credits on a 5 credit wager, which is an 800x multiple and therefore not an insane prize to play for (although respins could drive that to 4000x and beyond with the respins). The game tends to offer pays more regularly as a result, and mixed bars and 7s give more chances for things to line up.

But the other big feature is the respin feature, which can happen on any winning spin, and recur up to five times after that winning spin with no further wagers required. The game, as with other Everi games with a respin mechanic, such as High Voltage Blackout, each win is equal to or larger than the one that preceded it.

But as a five line format, one thing I enjoy about it is that when you find the game in a quarter denomination, as I did at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last month, it’s a very accessible $1.25 a spin, but has the potential to drive some strong results despite the wager size.

Total Meltdown Slot Videos

Here’s an example of the holy grail of respins – the top pay being respun multiple times on a $1 denomination version, courtesy of Thizzzguy:

Here’s a short video showing the game with some live play and respins by TheBigPayback:

Here’s Neily 777 playing the game with an active session starting at 10:04 of this video:

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