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Mlife and Caesars Rewards: What to Expect Jan. 1, 2021

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Many players struggle during normal times to truly understand the various casino comp program facets and how it all works. So in a weird year like 2020, where plenty of modifications were made to the programs after multi-month casino shutdowns, it can be hard to reconcile the various things that will happen when January rolls around.

As it happens, with the changes made in 2020 by both Mlife Rewards and Caesars Rewards, they are on parallel paths about what will happen in the new year. So let’s go over the main pieces, what different, and what’s standard issue.

Tier Credits

Mlife Rewards shifts to a calendar year cycle beginning January 1, 2021, which Caesars Rewards has maintained for some time. So, on January 1, your tier credits for both Mlife Rewards and Caesars will be reset to 0.

Tier credits for casino programs are earned on a cycle, and the level you earn determines your tier for the following year; if you reach a new tier, you also get to have it for the remainder of that tier year.

Tier Status

One major change for 2021 is if you earned a certain tier in either of 2019 or 2020 (or both), you get to keep that status for 2021. This is a nod to the challenges that 2020 has presented between casino shutdowns and a percentage of their customers perhaps not being able to make it (or not ready to make it) to big markets like Vegas or Atlantic City to renew a tier status.

The fact that tier statuses are being carried over does not mean the tier credits are, per the previous section – this trips up many, but status is determined by credits, and credits always reset at the end of the cycle, even as you keep your status into the next one.

Both companies will let players keep their tier throughout 2021, and actually through January 31, 2022, as there’s a one month grace period afterwards. But if you do not renew your tier in 2021, you will be placed in whatever tier you did achieve based on your 2021 activity.

Meanwhile, the reduced point counts for 2020 are likely to not be renewed for 2021, so the 20 percent reduction in points needed to earn a tier for either rewards program will be removed for 2021, reverting back to the original goals.

UPDATE 12/26/20: It appears that those who tier matched to Caesars Diamond through programs such as the Wyndham Rewards tier match will NOT get their tier extended through 2021, despite earlier wording that indicated all tier statuses would be extended.

Comp Dollars

Each company uses a different name – Mlife Rewards uses Express Comps and Caesars Rewards uses Reward Credits – but both serve as comp dollars you can earn and spend on property on a variety of options, including food and beverage.

Normally Rewards Credits expire after six months of inactivity, and Mlife Rewards expire after either six months (for Sapphire level players) or one year (for Pearl and above). But both companies extended the expiration dates out to at least December 31. However, unless things change before the year’s over, entering 2021 if the inactivity period exceeds the previous norms, the comp dollars will expire.

Caesars Rewards players can generate activity quite easily; Mlife it’s a bit tougher, but also has the longer window as long as you’ve reached Pearl.

UPDATE 12/26/20: Mlife announced this week that Express Comps and points will be extended through March 31, 2021, and could be extended further.

Tier Benefits (Caesars)

One area that’s been quite confusing for players is how Caesars is handling tier-driven benefits such as the $100 celebration dinner. If you earned your tier in 2019, and do not earn it in 2020, you get to take advantage of the perk once sometime between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021.

However, if you re-earn your tier in 2020, you get the perk twice, once per year, just as per before. So that is the only real distinction, and it applies for higher level perks too such as the Diamond Elite or Seven Stars airfare credits – earn your tier both years, get it both years. Just don’t forget to redeem each before the year ends.

If you only earned the tier once, you only get the benefit once, and you can choose which year to use it.

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