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Mlife Rewards Extends Point, Comp Expiration into 2021

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Written by Joshua

Mlife has made quite a few changes to its rules as the COVID pandemic has proceeded. With conferences still shut down and Vegas a mere shell of itself right now, business hasn’t been as strong to MGM’s largest U.S. market. So it’s not surprising to hear a new round of customer-friendly rule changes as things progress.

Mlife has said that points and Express Comps, each of which have their own comp value, will now be extended until at least March 31, 2021. The email where it announced this left the door open for further extensions. This should make those who have had to avoid a trip to an MGM casino, either by choice or by necessity based on government or personal requirements, happier that they have more time to either use or renew them.

Mlife normally sees comps expire in either 6 (Sapphire) or 12 (Pearl and up) months, but now any points that were slated to expire will get a longer extension.

If you’re a U.S. player and still think March 31 may not be enough, you can try signing up for the Mlife Rewards credit card, which not only gives you automatic Pearl status, but gives you comps for using the card, which then keeps a level of activity going. Caesars offers more ways to keep comp dollars active, which makes it easier to avoid expiration, but with Mlife, the credit card is the only major way to keep comps active.

I know of players that haven’t been able to get to an MGM casino this year for a variety of reasons, from travel restrictions because they’re not U.S. based, to income restrictions due to a challenging 2020, to onerous quarantine requirements at various points. So continuing to be flexible is a good move on the part of MGM, while hopefully giving their potential guests more of a reason to return if they have comps to leverage when they come back.

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