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Mohegan Sun Launches New App, Earn Comps in the App

Mohegan Sun app home screen
Written by Joshua

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Foxwoods Online and the ability to earn significant comps by playing the game. Earlier this month, Mohegan Sun announced that they were replacing their Play4Fun app with a new Mohegan Sun app experience, which, like its predecessor, can be accessed through a web browser as well.

The loss of Play4Fun means the loss of a significant number of real Scientific Games titles that you’d find in casinos, everything from Jungle Wild to 88 Fortunes. But in its place is a new app that adds the ability to earn comps, and there’s still a few real slot games in there, so there’s definitely plenty in it for players.

Overview of the App

Launching the app brings three options. Sportsbook is clearly designed to capitalize on the sports betting legalization that’s beginning to take hold in various states; while Connecticut isn’t one of them at this time, I’m sure the app is preparing for the inevitable.

The third option, Website, is designed to bring people to Mohegan Sun’s website. The old app had a lot of non-gaming options but were ultimately mostly shortcuts to the web, so this seems like a clear, no-frills approach.

Mohegan Sun slot lobby

The middle button takes you to the app games, which is purely focused on slots, just like its predecessor. Most of the games are not any you’d recognize, but there are some Everi games such as Starry Night in the line-up. I also saw a single IT and Konami game at the very high end levels, which will take some time to unlock.

In-game tournaments let you compete against others, and if you rank in the top three of a tournament based on winnings, you get an extra coin bonus.

Games unlock based on your level, and your bonuses increase by level as well. You’re assigned a gem based on your level that gets you additional bonuses. For instance, you get an additional bonus at levels 10-19, which steps up to the next gem at level 20.

Those who ported over from Play4Fun saw an initial status booster based on their level in the previous game, a nice nod to those who may have invested time and/or money unlocking games and on playing the old system.

You can link your Momentum card to the game, which is important if you want to earn comps, which are earned through the Loyalty Coins currency that is earned in the game along with the betting coins.

There are also four daily goals you can complete daily. So far, they seem to be the same day by day as I play; there hasn’t been any variety in the goals or the bonuses. You get an additional bonus for completing all four goals.

Earning Coin Bonuses

You can earn coin bonuses in the following ways:

  • Hourly bonus: You can collect coins in the lobby every two hours.
  • Daily goals: Completing any of the four daily goals earns a coin bonus; completing all four within the time limit earns an additional bonus.
  • Leveling up: Every time you level up you earn a coin bonus. If you also reach a new gem level with a level up, you get a second level up bonus for reaching that new gem.
  • Daily bonus: You get a wheel spin each day, plus an additional bonus based on your level and how many days in a row (the top of the streak is reached at 10 days) you play.

At my level, I was getting enough coins from the various bonuses for just a handful of spins every day, not really enough to encourage me to play daily. But I presume as you level up the opportunity grows, and one good win can keep you going for awhile.

I got a couple of strong wins in the game, and each of those strong wins also put me in the winning tier for the tournaments for some extra coins. So if you have enough luck, it’ll take care of you.

Buying Coins

You can buy coins for as low as $2.99. Compared to the coin amounts you get for bonuses, they seem much more generous in terms of the coin amounts you get for purchasing. I guess that’s a way to encourage low-spend purchases and get you into that mindset.

I saw a 2x promotion during my review window so if there’s no urgency, waiting for a sale certainly wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Earning Loyalty Coins

Mohegan Sun loyalty coins

Interestingly, in Mohegan Sun’s game you don’t earn Loyalty Coins for making a purchase. This is similar to the Wynn Slots app‘s model of letting you earn them based on your playing the game.

Buying coins lets you play the game more, so you’re clearly taken care of accordingly, but the idea that you don’t have to spend money to earn loyalty coins is nice.

[UPDATE 7/28/20:] In a more recent review of the game, it does appear it awards loyalty coins for purchases now. The amount as a percentage increases based on your purchase size, and can reach up to 7 percent of the value of your purchase, before you’ve played a single spin. While this is lower than Foxwoods for purchases, it’s still a helpful bonus.

Earning them during spinning is a slow and steady process. You fill the coin meter above the reels and that’s good for a few loyalty coins. The betting cap in the teens only allows you to bet up to 40k at a time, and it takes a number of spins to earn 5 loyalty coins, as well as level, at that stage. I’m not sure what happens when you get higher, if betting more makes it easier to get loyalty coins or if the amount bet goes up, like in Wynn. I’ll update the review as I continue to play.

[UPDATE 7/28/20:] There are promotional days where the amount earned per 10 spins is doubled from 5 to 10, effectively halving how many spins you need to complete to earn a comp dollar.

You also earn them during your daily bonus collection, and you get more for a longer streak of daily coin collection. This can be a helpful way to get an additional booster of loyalty coins as you build to a level where you can redeem.

Redeeming Loyalty Coins

Mohegan Sun convert loyalty coins

In the Mohegan Sun app, 5,000 loyalty coins is the magic number to be able to redeem. Once you hit that number you can redeem for Momentum Dollars (which is the on-property comp dollars for Mohegan Sun), or you can redeem for in-game coins. Redemption is limited to 25,000 loyalty coins per day for conversion to Momentum Dollars. 5,000 loyalty coins will get you $1.

One thing that’s important to note about Momentum Dollars is that you have the ability to redeem Momentum Dollars at not just Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, but also Resorts in Atlantic City (which they manage) and Mohegan Sun Pocono in Pennsylvania. So they can be even more valuable if you visit more than one of their properties.

For the same 5,000 loyalty coins, you could opt to get 300,000 game coins to spin more, but so far that’s the only redemption options that exiss; we have not checked to see if it impacts tier level like Foxwoods, but once we have completed a redemption we’ll update the review.


The new Mohegan Sun app requires some patience, as you have to spend a lot of time earning coins to level and gain loyalty coins for redemption, but it at least offers that now where it didn’t before. And although as a Scientific Games fan I’m going to miss all of the games that are lost with the conversion, having some Everi games to choose from will cushion the blow a bit.

Have you played the new Mohegan Sun app yet? If so, share your thoughts in the comments!

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    • Hi Sonja – just to clarify, Mohegan Sun Beyond is their current app/website for playing socially. Play4Fun was their old version. If you do indeed mean Beyond, on mobile your payment settings come from your Apple or Google payment settings, so you’d update those. For web it is asking me to type a credit card number in each purchase attempt, so no cards seem to be saved on file. Hope that helps, but let me know if not!

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