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MyVegas App Brings Plenty of Vegas to Your Phone

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Written by Joshua

MyVegas is one of the earliest casino apps to offer you the chance to earn comps. We previously reviewed MyKonami, and the comp earnings are linked between the two apps – playing and earning on both will build your Loyalty Point balance overall towards generally the same rewards.

As such, we won’t spend as much time on the loyalty point redemption aspect as you can read our MyKonami review for that.

One thing to note is MyVegas the phone app is not the exact same game as MyVegas the Facebook desktop app. Our review today focuses on the phone game; we will review the desktop app at a later time.

Overview of the App

The app focuses solely on slots, with more than 50 games available to play. Most are original games created specifically for the app. A few are licensed properties such as “Watch What Happens Live” and “Bridesmaids,” and others are based on MGM casinos, which makes sense given the connection between the game and the rewards offered.

Because of their partnership with Konami, they do have some Konami games available. They also have a couple of Ainsworth games, like Thunder Cash, available inside the app.

There is a High Roller room which features a handful of the same games with higher bets and a linked jackpot feature.

The game has a leveling mechanism like most that’s based on bets, so it’s pretty straightforward to know what you’ll need to do to level up.

MyVegas Journey map

The game has a Journey feature, which goes around a map (at this writing there are three) and based on completing achievements, lets you earn bronze, silver and gold stars. Completing achievements earns you coins.

MyVegas Slots VIP level

The VIP Status that exists in MyKonami is linked to MyVegas, so earning VIP status in one benefits the other. This can be great if you play both games to earn comps, as your bonuses in various places can increase based on a higher VIP level, as well as coins purchased.

Earning Coin Bonuses

MyVegas Slots daily wheel

You earn coin bonuses in a variety of ways:

  • Daily wheel spin: Once a day you can spin a wheel for coins. If you maintain a five or more day streak to get the top multiplier of 3x. Get additional coins for higher VIP levels as well.
  • Hourly bonuses: Click button, receive coins. Simple as that!
  • Journey challenges: Coins can be earned from completing journey missions.
  • Gifts: Gifts from friends will pick you up some daily coins.
  • Leveling up: Get some extra coins for earning the next level.
  • Tournaments: Ranking in a tournament can be worth coins to you as well.

Occasionally special quests or competitions will appear to offer additional bonuses if you complete certain tasks.

Buying Coins

Like MyKonami, there is a standard store, in which promotions, multipliers or special extras will be available. Your VIP level could also contribute additional coins.

There’s usually some sort of special deal that is available when you enter the app. Many times it will be a stronger deal than that offered in the store.

Earning Loyalty Points

As mentioned in the intro, Loyalty Points are linked between MyKonami and MyVegas Slots. The same basic earning principles apply as covered in the MyKonami review; you earn LPs by spinning, the amount earned increases (and takes longer) as you level up, and there is a daily earnings limit that, once hit, will lock the LP meter until the next day.

Spending Loyalty Points

MyVegas Slots rewards partners

Here, too, the experience is basically identical to MyKonami. Since the LPs are linked between the two apps, it makes sense that the same vast library of partners and rewards are also available between the two apps. Really the only thing you won’t find here is the MyKonami-specific free play rewards, which is understandable given that’s a reward specific to that app.

MyVegas Slots reward examples

Otherwise, the same diverse set of hotels, Vegas experiences and out of market options remain available. Those who spend money in the game can eventually unlock some additional premium rewards, as well as get access to additional premium reward limits. The money spent and unlocking mechanism, too, is linked across all the various games that offer this.

Let’s Get Social

I mentioned the challenges sometimes in getting rewards, and also the fact that there’s many people still figuring out how all this works. Therefore I also reiterate my recommendation to check out MyVegas Friends Rocks, which can, for instance, let you know through a specific thread when rewards reset and have been replenished.

They also share free coin links, tips and much more, so if you’re still new to all this there’s a lot of great information to explore.


MyVegas Slots is designed in the same vein as MyKonami, although it came first so it’s probably the other way around. But the game allows for more great slot fun and comp earnings potential, so if you enjoyed MyKonami you’ll likely enjoy this as well.

Do you play MyVegas Slots? Have you earned comps using the app? Share your experiences in the comments!

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