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Omni Gems: Low Volatility Game with Difficult Bonus

Omni Gems by Incredible Technologies logo and progressives
Written by Joshua

Incredible Technologies tends to have games that are lower in volatility, and providing lots of smaller wins along the way. My recent experiences on Omni Gems indicates the game is similar in that way, although it has some unusual things going on.

Omni Gems by Incredible Technologies bet panel

First off, the game is a tall 5×6 reel set. The game features 50 credit increments. You must max bet to be eligible for the progressives; flat prizes are provided for lower bets.

The game is part of IT’s Stack n’ Spin Series. When five or more touching scatter symbols appear (and they have to be in at least two columns; one long stack of five in one column didn’t trigger during my play), the Stack n’ Spin feature will spin those spaces and either reveal wilds or a Jackpot bonus trigger.

Omni Gems by Incredible Technologies Jackpot Bonus feature triggered

When this happens, each space will spin individually to reveal either credit prizes or a Jackpot symbol. If you collect enough Jackpot symbols, you’ll win a Jackpot, either a progressive (at max bet) or the flat prize for your bet level.

Omni Gems by Incredible Technologies Jackpot Bonus outcome

You need at least four Jackpot symbols to win that prize; otherwise you just win the credits, which frankly aren’t that much most of the time. It seems like it’s pretty 50/50 in terms of a Jackpot symbol or credits, so you ideally want 8 or more, but I only got 5-7 symbols while playing, leading me to hope for wilds vs. the Jackpot Bonus feature.

Two free spin symbols, positioned on reels 1 and 5, trigger the free spins, the other bonus on the game. When you land them, they spin, this time to reveal the number of free spins awarded. Players can win up to 30 spins on the initial trigger, and can retrigger for more or get those Jackpot Bonus features in the free spins as well.

I didn’t get a free spin bonus, but did get the Jackpot Bonus a few times – the game is pretty active and line hits do come frequently, as expected with a lower volatility game.

Overall, fans of IT games will find a lot to like here, while fans of more volatile options will probably pass on this.

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