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Online Gaming Promotions: Make Sure You Opt In

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Written by Joshua

I’ve continued to tinker with the online sites, in part because I caught an early lucky break on them that has put me well ahead in the first month of operations. But one aspect of things I want to hit upon, that can be easy to forget or miss, is the need to opt in to promotions.

Promotions can appear in a variety of ways. They can appear in emails, as offers in your promotions section, sometimes as a leaderboard opportunity, or sometimes in even other ways, like the Missions area of Draft Kings. Sometimes you’ll get free credits sent to you; sometimes you have to play to earn.

But in all cases a failure to opt in or accept the offers will mean you won’t get the promised rewards. It’s a critical step, and the timing can mean everything. I’ve seen promotions pop up in a time based scenario, and since the time windows tend to be similar each time. It leads me to check at certain times of day to make sure if a new promotion has popped up and I’m playing, I can accept it right away, vs. playing and missing some of the window.

If you play and you’re not maximizing the promotions, you could be taking on losses you shouldn’t because of a loss rebate, for instance. Or you could be gaining free play while you play and win, putting you further ahead. The latter has been the case in a couple of promotions for me so far – I was not only winning on the slots, I was accruing free play in promotions.

The physical casino mirror is there – sometimes you have to activate a point multiplier or free play offer on the kiosk before you qualify for them. So just like many of us are often finding ourselves drifting to the kiosks before beginning our play for the day, so should you check your promotions and activate any that are relevant to your play for the day.

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