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Plaza Promotion: Red 7 Roulette (One Week Only!)

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Written by Joshua

I normally don’t write about quick one-off promotions, but I like The Plaza and this one is a pretty cool offer, so here’s a quick post talking about their Red 7 Roulette promotion, which is timed with the launch of their single 0 roulette table.

For one week, Nov. 2-Nov. 8, players betting at least $10 on the inside numbers when a Red 7 lands on the wheel will be eligible for a $25 promotional chip that can be bet on an even money wager. This is a pretty nifty offering to encourage players to , and doesn’t have to be played at that table.

There is a significance to Red 7, beyond the standard lucky 7 of Las Vegas. Ashley Revell won a significant bet after selling all of his possessions and betting $135,300 on red at The Plaza. The ball landed on the Red 7, doubling Revell’s money. It’s a great story at a property with a lengthy legacy and history, so it’s fun to tie it back around to a major event at the casino.

Many players of Roulette are familiar with the conventional 00 Roulette wheel, and may wonder what’s so special about a Single 0 wheel. I also know many readers of the site are slot players first (the name tips that off), so it may be worth a quick dive into that topic.

Why Single 0 Roulette Matters

Single 0 roulette, or European Roulette, has 37 spaces: The numbers 1 through 36, and then the green 0. American Roulette, which is more common, has 0 and 00, which means 38 spaces. Sands Roulette, also known as 000 Roulette, has begun permeating Las Vegas casinos and has a 000 space as well, yielding a total of 39 spaces.

What’s the difference? The house edge gets significantly larger with each 0/00/000 space added. The house edge on a single 0 roulette wheel is 2.7%, but on a 00 wheel grows to 5.26%, and on a 000 roulette wheel to 7.29%. So players on a 000 roulette wheel, presuming betting the same amount as a single wheel, will over the long run lose their money three times as fast.

Many casinos will have different forms of the game on the same casino floor, right next to each other. It’s sometimes the case that a single 0 roulette wheel will be available to high-limit players, and 00 and 000 roulette tables will meanwhile be out on the main floor, with 000 having a lower table minimum. But this is not always the case.

So our smarter gambling tip for today if you’re a Roulette player is to do what Blackjack players have had to do for some time – check the table rules, and make sure for your budget you’re getting the best deal.

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