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The Lost World Offers Similar Advantage Play

Jurassic Park Trilogy: The Lost World by IGT hero
Written by Joshua

Game: Jurassic Park Trilogy: The Lost World
Manufacturer: IGT
Advantage play potential: Medium-High
What Makes it Special: One captured bonus symbol in reels 2 or 4 gives you 5 spins to capture the other bonus symbol and get a Jackpot bonus, which includes the chance for winning progressives.

The Lost World is the second in the Jurassic Park Trilogy series of games recently released by IGT. Like its sister game Jurassic Park, which was reviewed here earlier this week, the combination of bonuses and wild reels are consistent across games. How each approaches them vary just enough to create a unique experience for each game.

Today’s review will presume you’ve read the Jurassic Park review, and will largely focus on the differences, but we’ll hit on the basics here too.

Understanding the Game

Jurassic Park Trilogy: The Lost World by IGT bet panel

As with Jurassic Park, the version I evaluated was a 25 line game with a 40 cent minimum bet, but there are versions out there with a 75 cent minimum bet and 40 lines (see the video at the end of this post).

Jurassic Park Trilogy: The Lost World by IGT Jackpot Bonus countdown

Higher bets increase jackpot chances when entering the Jackpot Bonus feature, which can occur if you get the Jackpot Bonus feature in reels 2 and 4. However, get it in only one reel, and it will capture it, initiating a countdown to get the symbol in the other reel within 5 spins.

Three free spin bonus symbols will get you the free spins, and like Jurassic Park the symbols live on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Jurassic Park Trilogy: The Lost World by IGT four wild reels

In this version, landing a full reel of wild symbols on any reel will trigger the ability to materialize more. You can land wild reels in reels 1 and 5 in this version, and get more than 3 reels, unlike Jurassic Park. The photo above shows an example of a four-reel-wild scenario I landed during my play.

Raptor Free Spins Feature

Similar to the T-Rex Free Spins on Jurassic Park, the Raptor Free Spins incorporates a second set of reels above the standard one and awards five free spins. Get a Raptor Game symbol on reel 5 to unlock the Raptor Reels above it, and get a chance to make more wild reels appear on any reel set where a wild reel has been activated, just like in the main game.

You have the ability to retrigger within the free spins. You can also trigger the Jackpot Bonus within the free spins.

Jackpot Bonus Feature

Jurassic Park Trilogy: The Lost World by IGT Jackpot Bonus feature triggered

Get the Bonus symbol on reels 2 and 4 and enter the Jackpot Bonus feature.

The same picking feature with a chance at progressives is here, identical to Jurassic Park. It’s predetermined, it can give you access to progressives, and if you make 10 picks without falling off the board, you win the top prize.

Understanding the Advantage

The same advantage with the Jackpot Bonus carries over from Jurassic Park. The countdown starts at 5, so a mostly predictable investment of how many spins you have to trigger a bonus is there. If the Jackpot Bonus symbol comes back down on the same reel you’ve already captured, you reset back to 5, so you might have a few extra spins as a result, but also more chances to win the bonus. Each reel set has its own persistent state so this opportunity may exist at more bet levels.

Watch and Learn

TheBigPayback had a great session on The Lost World. Check it out below:

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