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Questions on Multiple Tier Multiplier Event Earnings

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Written by Joshua

In a happy coincidence, I received two nearly identical questions from different people this week on the site, and figured it was a good one to address.

In participating in the X tier credit promotions it states the max is 25,000. Is that per tier credit event or is that overall? If I participate in 3 (x) tier credit events can I earn up to 25,000 each event? Thank you

Rita, via comments

A tier credit multiplier event for Caesars reads the max is 25,000. Is this per tier credit multiplier event or for the year? I read your articles and could not find this info in them so I am hoping it is only per event. There are multiple tier events going on at different casinos and wanted to verify that the 25,000 max is only per event. Thank you

Eve, via email

While the first question doesn’t specify the casino or casino owner, the 25,000 tier credit limit is a standard Caesars policy for tier credit earnings on tier multipliers so I think it’s safe to presume this is about Caesars, so I’ll focus on answering it that way accordingly (although I am pretty sure this interpretation would be standard across most casino companies based on my experience).

The limit is set as a per-event limit, unless otherwise described in the terms and conditions. The 25,000 tier credit limit would not carry to a second event, held on different dates.

It is important to note though that sometimes multiple properties, and sometimes all properties nationally, are participating in the same event if the dates are identical. So you can’t earn 25,000 tier credits at property A, and then earn another 25,000 tier credits at property B during the same date range of the promotion. The cap covers all properties participating in a given promotion.

This is the same if you’re participating in a market-wide promotion – say, Atlantic City, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Laughlin, Las Vegas, etc. There’s multiple casinos there, but it all pools up to the same limit for the window of that promotion.

That said, if another promotion happens a few weeks or months later, it’s now a new promotion and the limit is available to you once more.

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