Aquarius Laughlin: Middle of the Road Casino Option

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Written by Joshua

In the last couple of years I’ve visited Laughlin a few times, and spent some time at Aquarius during my time there. A sister property to Edgewater and the indefinitely closed Colorado Belle, of the three it’s the nicest of the properties, and is positioned accordingly.

The Casino Floor

The casino floor had a mix of new and old games, balanced in a way that seemed similar to Edgewater, albeit leaning a little newer with some of the games on the floor. The floor was one big section in the middle of it all, and they advertise over 1,000 slot machines. My second visit I got to play some more slots, and enjoyed the mix of machines they had to offer.

Table games was towards the back of the casino floor past the slots, and had a good overall mix. They had lower limit Blackjack ($10 a hand, busy) and a bit higher ($25 a hand, not busy) when I was there. I played High Card Flush at lower minimums as well, which was nice given it was my first time playing the game. Like at Edgewater, they had some very friendly dealers at the tables.

Video Poker wise they’ve got some decent pay table options (at/above 99%) at reasonable bets, so if you’re a VP player you’ll likely find something that will make you happy. There have been downgrades of some machines, and some machines have been moved around because of pandemic-era floor changes, but it doesn’t appear to have hit everywhere so far.

Hotel Rooms

Aquarius Riverview King room

It’s Laughlin, so it caters to a certain type of player, but like everything else at Aquarius vs. Edgewater the rooms here are going to be a step up from Edgewater. The overall reviews are better for Aquarius over Edgewater too, so that would make sense.

There’s 1900 hotel rooms here overall across a couple of towers, and a portion of the rooms indicate they haven’t been remodeled in awhile. That said, many seemed to be comfortable with their room offerings, so like Edgewater set your expectations accordingly and it should be just fine.

Casino Comp Program

Like Edgewater and Rocky Gap in Maryland, this is a True Rewards participating casino, so you can earn tier credits and comp dollars at all of their properties and build towards your tier. Earning comps for non-gaming spend, as well as redeeming comps, are more valuable in Nevada, likely due to the competition, so if you’re going to play in Maryland and visit Nevada later, you might want to save the points.

They tend to run point multipliers regularly, with better multipliers for higher tier players. The multipliers rotate on days and so forth so it’s always good to check what’s happening.

Food Options

I ate at Cafe Aquarius during our recent visit, and my friend and I both got the Prime Rib special. It was a lot of food for the price, and while not stellar, it was certainly reasonable.

One interesting promotion they have at Cafe Aquarius is if you use your comp points, you get a 10 percent discount eating here. Normally casinos try to do 2:1 or dilute comps when being used for food, but not in this case – nice touch.

Their other food options include a food court, Outback Steakhouse, and a pasta and pizza restaurant. Like Edgewater, it veers towards the more affordable, but does seem a step up from that property.

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