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Quick Spin Super Charged 7s Classic Goes High Denom

Quick Spin Super Charged 7s Classic by Ainsworth hero
Written by Joshua

I have shared my love of the Quick Spin series in the past, and as the line continues to gain popularity, it is also diversifying into other directions. One obvious one is a true high-denomination version that brings more volatility, but also continues in the line of averaging a wheel spin once in every 56 spins.

There are a couple of versions out there; I played the Super Charged 7s Classic version, which is less volatile than the Reel Hot 7s Classic version.

Quick Spin Super Charged 7s Classic by Ainsworth bet panel

The game can be found in 5 line or 9 line versions; I found a 9 line with quarters at Golden Gate, which is what I played. Note that you can on this one only bet the one credit per line, but you can decide how many lines you wish to play.

Those who are looking for the frequent line hits of the more traditional Quick Spin games may be disappointed, but this is not targeting that audience. This is targeting high denomination players who like to have bigger hits and are willing to trade volatility for it. Many higher denomination games have this sort of design, so this is clearly targeting a different group.

This version of Quick Spin forgoes any sort of a free games feature, putting all of its bonus weight into the wheel. Multipliers appear on the final reel of the game, and the reels change color when a multiplier is possible to achieve.

Quick Spin Super Charged 7s Classic by Ainsworth 4x wheel spin

If you get three wheel symbols on a payline, you go to the wheel for a spin. Like the original, you can get up to a 5x multiplier.

Quick Spin Super Charged 7s Classic by Ainsworth 4x wheel spin complete

The wheel spins, and whatever value you land is multiplied by the multiplier, so in the example above I won 140 quarters, or about $35.

There is also potential in the base line hits; multipliers can line up and multiply wins when landed on the three reels as well, although in my case I did not see them all that much.

I put $100 through and the $35 wheel spin was my largest win, and based on what I have seen of the machine players should expect a much more volatile ride. That said, the fact you can get a wheel spin with the same frequency as other versions can potentially bring out a big win while keeping things interesting. The wedges have quite a bit of diversity in their values, so the win could have easily been a lot bigger.

While I did not have the best luck on my first encounter, if I find this at a quarter denomination I will give it another try – $2.25 is not bad for a max bet on a higher denomination game there is definitely potential!

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Here is the Ainsworth promotional video for the game:

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