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Royal Caribbean Offers Casino Royale Offer Match

Royal Caribbean Casino Royale Offer Match
Written by Joshua

The push by casino companies to bring in players appears to be heating up. While Carnival has been running its Fun Match program for some time to recruit players to give Carnival a try, other companies have been stepping up with match offers of their own.

One of them is Royal Caribbean, who has initiated a Casino Royale Offer Match program. The details are somewhat similar to Carnival’s program, where you can submit a casino players card or a cruise offer and be eligible for either a discounted or complimentary cruise for two.

They also offer free drinks in the casino, matching Carnival’s Drinks on Us! portion of the offer, and usually reserved for Prime level players and higher.

There are some differences, however, when you read the fine print. for instance, if you’ve sailed with Royal Caribbean since January 2018, you are not eligible for this offer. You also only get 14 days from the time of the match to redeem the offer, which means you shouldn’t initiate a match unless you’re ready to book a cruise.

One big difference though between Royal Caribbean and Carnival is that Royal also works with URComped, and they too have the ability to intake casino offers and get players a discounted or free cruise.

One benefit to using URComped is that your play is recorded and then can unlock cruises with other partners such as MSC or Virgin, so you don’t necessarily have to stick to a single cruise line at all times if you want to explore. This avoids the need for future offer matching among the lines they’re supporting at any given time.

They also can help out players as long as it’s been a year since the last Royal Caribbean cruise booked directly, so the amount of time you need to be inactive is lower.

That said, it’s always good to see companies upping the generosity to bring in players, and if you haven’t sailed Royal Caribbean in awhile, or at all, this can be an opportunity to get your foot in the door.

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