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Slot Moments: First Handpay Live for Brian Christopher, On a $3 Buffalo Gold Bet

Written by Joshua

If you haven’t noticed through the various Slot Moments posted on this site, Buffalo games have the potential to deliver with big wins on lower bets. Buffalo Gold is among the strongest, because of the ability for the bonuses to grow substantially as other semi-premium symbols are turned to buffalo heads.

While Brian Christopher has at this point had countless handpays, quite a few of them on his live streams, he had to start somewhere, and it was in May of 2018, two years into his channel, that it happened that he got his first handpay on a live stream. It was a $3 bet on the game, which he starts playing around 39:15 in this video:

He put in about $300, and he was only down about $30 when he got the bonus a few minutes later. Within his first 10 spins, he had already retriggered three times, and got four gold buffalo heads, which got things moving pretty quickly.

Within the next 5 spins, he triggered twice more. At that point he had 18 spins remaining despite starting with 8, and had about half the gold buffalo heads to 15 heads.

The retriggers kept on coming; by spin 23 he had 23 spins remaining, and was at 11 heads. However, he was still only at 30x his wager, about $90. Fortunately, that high spin count and high buffalo head count was on his side.

Finally, on spin 34, a much more helpful outcome – two wild symbols with buffalo heads all the way across, and both wilds had a x3 multiplier. That yielded a hit of $400 or so.

On spin 50, he finally gets his 13th head, but had one spin left. Fortunately, spin 51 yielded one last retrigger, giving him five swings at three of the semi-premium symbols having turned to buffalo heads, and that’s what it ultimately took.

Spin 55, he got one last round of buffalo heads with a x3 multiplier, which nudged him over the top.

With a $3 bet, that handpay was good for over 400x his bet, a strong outcome, and something quite possible for many players given the bet level. Buffalo Gold is one of those games where the potential is clearly there to provide some amazing moments when things happen in just the right way.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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