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Wonder 4 Gold Boost: 3 Bags, But Basically Same Old Boost

Wonder 4 Boost Gold by Aristocrat logo and games
Written by Joshua

It’s incredible how long the pay tables are getting on some slot machines. Wonder 4 Gold Boost is up there, with nearly 40 pages in all. That’s in part because of the fact that it has to walk through four games, but also the way the three versions of the bonus also work.

But for those who have played these games individually, or a Wonder 4 game before, or its predecessor, Wonder 4 Boost, there’s not a massive difference between them, even though there’s new graphics that are reminiscent of the bags on Fu Dai Lian Lian (and a trend becoming popular on slots overall right now).

Like most Wonder 4 versions, you can pick from four games, each with their own base wager:

  • Buffalo Gold: 60 credit increments
  • Timber Wolf Gold: 60 credit increments
  • Pompeii Gold: 50 credit increments
  • 5 Dragons Gold: 50 credit increments
Wonder 4 Boost Gold by Aristocrat bet panel

You can also play 1-4 reel sets, so the absolute minimum bet is 50 credits, although to play all four reel sets, the minimum would be 200 credits, presuming a mix of Pompeii and 5 Dragons Gold, and a bit more if you’re mixing in Buffalo Gold and Timber Wolf Gold.

All four games are all ways pays games (which Aristocrat calls Reel Power or Xtra Reel Power for a 5×4 reel set game like Buffalo Gold), so there’s no lines to worry about. Line things up on consecutive reels from the left to pay, and get clumps of symbols for multiplied wins.

You have to play all four reel sets to be eligible for the boost feature and feature upgrade, which would be the primary reason to play this version of Wonder 4. Let’s go over what each of these are.

Boost Feature

Wonder 4 Boost Gold by Aristocrat reel sets and three lightning bolts

For this version of Wonder 4, the bonus symbols have been replaced with lightning bolts. The inside of the lightning bolts can be one of three colors, which correspond with one of the bonus types:

  • Blue bolt: Regular free games, 1 reel set
  • Green bolt: Super free games, 4 reel sets
  • Red bolt: Extreme free games, 8 reel sets

The triggering conditions for each bonus are the same as the game on a standard version, so for instance three scattered bonus symbols or more on Buffalo Gold will yield the bonus, whereas with the other three they have to land on consecutive reels.

Whatever color of the lightning bolt that is visible when the bonus lands is the version of the bonus triggered. While the lightning bolts are new, this concept isn’t – they just had special borders that signified the Super and Extreme free games on the previous iteration.

New to this version is the chance for a random bonus trigger if two bonus symbols appear where they need to (so for Buffalo Gold that’s two anywhere, and the other three games it’s two within the first three reels).

The number of games awarded and other rules for the bonus follow each game’s standard rulebook, hence the nearly 40 page paytables.

Feature Upgrade

Just like the previous Boost game, one or more bonus symbols on a spin in the free games can trigger an upgrade, however, the script is tweaked a bit thanks to those lightning bolts.

On the standard free games, you can upgrade to either Super free games or Extreme free games; the one you get matches the lightning bolt that yields the upgrade. On Super free games, your only step is to Extreme, so that’s what you can get.

That’s basically it – the allure of such a game is the ability to get up to eight reel sets going on a bonus and delivering pays throughout. If you want to learn more about some of the games in this set of Wonder 4, check out the previous posts on Buffalo Gold and Timber Wolf Gold.

Wonder 4 Gold Boost Slot Videos

TheBigPayback got the Extreme Free Games upgrade during a bonus in this video:

Here’s another video from Tim where he plays Timber Wolf Gold and gets a handpay:

The Slot Cats played it on this video starting at 2:22, and triggered a 5 Dragons Gold bonus with Extreme games as a random feature win:

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